10 Super Bowl Ads that didn’t suck (IMO)

I’m a bad American and don’t watch football, but I appreciate the sentiment. It could be a nostalgic thing, or maybe it’s the one thing you have in common with your significant other, you have a gambling problem, or maybe you just feed off the adrenaline. No matter what the reason for liking football is, the Super Bowl is most likely your Christmas, regardless if your team is in it or not. Realizing early on I was not destined to be an athlete, and enjoyed my pig on a plate rather than throwing it around in the mud, I can appreciate the commercials. Some people may use these as their bathroom breaks, or a cue to get more wings, but people spend billions of dollars to cram a concept, product placement, and payoff in a 30 second time slot. Sometimes ad people have the same pressure as football players. They work hard and get paid a lot to do something that has to garner people’s short attention spans. Thanks to the magic of the internet, all the Super Bowl commercials are available online. I’ll admit I didn’t watch all of them, and some of them I skipped halfway through, but I think I watched enough to make a list of my favorites. Here goes:

10.Butterfinger Cups

Not only is it smart to personify peanut butter and chocolate and relating them to real world marriage problems, but it also makes me want to try the product seeing as how I love all three things depicted. I don’t condone swinging but I felt like this was a clever way to introduce a new product by relating it to couples, regardless if we’ve “been there.”

9.An angel gets his wings…

One thing doesn’t really have anything to do with another, but it’s a funny take that a lot of people own a Volkswagen and drive it consistently. Also, it favors the idea that German engineers know what they’re doing.


I like how you start off thinking this is a commercial for a car or brand of beer, but it totally takes a twist (Spoiler: the twist is that it’s a mob boss who’s taking a “hit” on a peanut M&M). I love M&M’s and I love the commercials because it puts cute candy coated chocolate in real life situations, making it both relative and a little comedic under the circumstances.

7.Dad’s Sixth Sense

Obviously, I have a special place in my heart for “father-son” relationships, and I understand why this would appeal to men watching the Super Bowl. I think this is a clever take that when a dad is unable to protect you, the new brake technology in a Hyundai Genesis is there.

6.Going All The Way

I’m not exactly sure what it has to do with Coca-Cola, other than the shameless product placement, but I like the idea of following your dreams. If a kid can set his mind to something and believe strongly enough in it, he can achieve greatness.

5.Puppy Love

Everyone and their mother seemed to like this one, even when it was leaked out before the Super Bowl even happened. I agree that it’s cute and no one can stop you if you really love someone. I’m not sure what it has to do with Budweiser exactly; maybe they like to tug on people’s heartstrings and then get drunk ’cause they’re emotional. Who knows? All I know, is that relationship probably won’t work. A Clydesdale and puppy are cute, until they start to procreate 😀

4.Puppet Master

It was between this and the multitude of bodybuilders running for the Spray Tan. I think I liked this one better for Godaddy. It was probably not the most constructive or intelligent way to quit your job, and little does Gwen know, Godaddy is not that intuitive, but I appreciate the concept. It makes me wonder what her other job was. It’s like someone working on Wall Street wanting to don the costume of Big Bird. Oh well. Good luck, Gwen. The point is Godaddy has clever ways of showing that you can get your name out there.

3.Time Machine

I also liked the Cowboy Kid one, but Doritos always comes up with funny ideas. The whole thing from start to finish was pretty funny and you can tell they planned it. I bet a lot of youngsters watch the Super Bowl, and this was a great concept to show Doritos are meant to be enjoyed by both adults and kids. And also that some adults never grow up.

2.A Hero’s Welcome

Damn you, Budweiser and your sentimental commercials! I have to give it to this brand, not using any product placement but showing heart. You can remember the commercial, and know exactly who it was for. It’s kind of like those Bob’s furniture commercials. They’re really crappy but they’re instilled in your memory because of their crappiness. Well, I applaud you Budweiser for creating something inspiring. It won’t make me run out and grab a beer but I’m sure billions of people drank to the soldier coming home. Nice one!

1.Trust the power

Budweiser‘s not the only one who can create sappy, inspirational commercials. I liked this one for Duracell and how you can beat the odds. I’ve used Duracell a lot and actually prefer them over most batteries. I like the story and how Derrick Coleman was given a fighting chance from adolescence to now.


Don’t agree with my list? What were your favorites?





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