10 Date Movies You’ll Both Enjoy

Let’s face it, most date movies are chick flicks that will make the girl cry and the guy groan. However, there are some movies that sneak through that appeals to both genders. Here’s my personal list of movies that you can both watch this Valentine’s day without you being embarrassed or looking at your watch the whole time. Note: The Notebook is not in this list.

10. (500) Days of Summer Image

Boy Meets Girl. Boy Loses Girl. Boy Obsesses about Girl. Girl moves on fast. Boy goes through spiraling journey to get over Girl. That’s the movie in a nutshell. It’s not your typical love story, which is why I think it appeals to both genders. It sets off a realistic relationship in which sometimes it’s one-sided. Not everything can tie up so nicely in the end, Katherine Heigl.

9. I Love you, Man. Image

I feel like this movie was written about my life. A good-natured man who wants nothing more than to marry his sweetheart comes to the realization he doesn’t have many male friends, if any. He goes on a hilarious search for a best man (and best friend), and finds him haphazardly in Sidney (Jason Segel). The bromance takes a fast turn into choosing his newfound friendship over his own fiancée. It appeals to men because we can all understand how important male camaraderie is, and to women because there’s like a wedding or something…

8. Silver Linings Playbook Image

You might think it’s about one thing, but it turns out to be something else. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have an offbeat chemistry that is funny and wildly entertaining for both genders. Plus, how they tie dancing and football together is the epitome of melding both you and your girl’s interests.

7. No Strings Attached Image

This is one of the more realistic movies where two people try to hook up without it getting too serious, and realize that that doesn’t work. When it becomes too serious, they start to pull away from each other because they’re afraid of getting hurt. It’s sort of an anti-love story with enough raunch to get the guys interested, and enough of a romantic-comedy plot to get the girls involved.

6. The To-Do List Image

It deals with an inexperienced Valedictorian who wants to do a compendium of dirty things in a short amount of time. Whether we like to believe it or not, girls think about sex just as much as guys do, only they’re a little more discreet about it. The writers of this movie caught onto this and portrayed a full-on raunch-fest involving a girl protagonist. It’s funny because she’s an overachiever who just wants to do these things and move on, with no real emotional attachment. But the guy believes that she’s really into him, which complicates things. And we all know we’ve been there where having sex sometimes means more to one person than it does to the other.

5. About Time Image

You see Rachel McAdams in the photo and think, snore. This movie is a romantic comedy, that’s true, but it also has time travel and an unbreakable bond with family. It hits everyone from many angles, including a man-woman relationship, a brother-sister relationship, and a father-son relationship. These are all things people can relate to, and I bet some men wish that they could turn back time with their girlfriends.

4. Love Actually Image

We’ve all been there on Christmas, alone and desperate for love. This movie showcases several love stories from all walks of life, some good, some not so good. It shows some realistic (and some not so realistic) ways that British people deal with their love lives. There’s enough romanticism that makes women swoon and the boys won’t be too bored or groan too much with this one because it’s funny and has enough heart that it’s not some cookie-cutter Kate Hudson wannabe.

3. When Harry Met Sally Image

This is disguised as a chick flick ’cause Meg Ryan’s in it but it shouldn’t stop you from watching it. At first, they hate each other, not like every chick flick where the girl is dumbed down and the couple has nothing important to say. The dialogue is quippy, and the characters are personable enough that you’ve probably met that person once in your life. And the fact that you each have annoying habits but you fall in love with each other anyways is something we can all respond to. By the end, you’re rooting for them to get together.

2. Bridesmaids Image

So how can a movie about Maya Rudolph getting married and herding a gaggle of chicks be appealing to both genders? Because it’s not about Maya Rudolph, or the wedding. It centers on friendship and change. Annie (Kristen Wiig) is feeling disengaged from her best friend Lilian (Rudolph), once she learns Lilian’s getting married. A new woman enters both of their lives, trying to take hold of the “maid of honor” reins, and neither one is willing to let go. It’s not your average movie with women in it. These women are funny, perverted, intelligent, and realistic. It’ll have both genders laughing, especially a particular “food poisoning” scene.

1. The 40-year old Virgin Image

This is a classic movie that appeals to both genders because it’s funny but it also has some heart. You feel for the guy who’s being pressured to step out of his comfort zone and gain some confidence in the love/sex department. It ends up being a silly ride from start to finish (especially the finish).


Knocked Up


There’s Something About Mary





Don’t agree with my list? What are you and your significant other’s favorite date movies?





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