After the gym, I feel very energized, rejuvenated, empowered, blah blah blah but it is New England in February and there are certain obstacles that make me and this feeling get further apart. My resolution was not to lose weight or some silly thing like that. I use the gym as an outlet to de-stress, and somewhat feel good about myself. It makes it hard in the winter for numerous reasons which I am gonna bore you with because this is also my outlet. It’s good to have a few constructive outlets by the way.

1.Bad Weather. Snow blows, we can all say it. After the umpteenth storm we’ve had this winter, I’m getting quite sick of this weather and it’s making me grumpy and depressed. Also, it makes it hard for me to even GET to the gym because I have to spend an hour finding/digging out my car. Although shoveling and cleaning off your car when it snows is a pretty intense workout in and of itself. But it doesn’t give me that good feeling I get after the gym. I just feel like I don’t want to do anything after.

2.Winter weight. We’re all cramped inside, sitting on the couch because the impending doom that is outside makes us want to curl under blankets until April. Most resolutions are to lose that weight that Christmas/Thanksgiving made your bitch. Now I don’t consider myself fat. But after the gym, I do also get insanely hungry and it doesn’t help they have the Food Network on. PLUS, I hear my gym gives free pizza on a certain day? WTF

3.The parking lot is a disaster in the snow.

4.I have to wear tons of winter gear. I hate bringing excessive stuff to the gym. Luckily, there’s locker rooms but I’d rather not invade my nostrils with ball sweat and b.o. and accidentally see some guy’s shvontz. Plus, after I’m all sweaty and hot I don’t want to put on my jacket and gloves so I brace the cold in shorts. Albeit refreshing, the flu is not sexy.

That’s really all I have right now. I’m sure when the summer comes, all this can be eliminated. But to get that summer body we want, we have to endure the gym in the winter. My philosophy of life is to go with the flow so that’s just what I’m gonna do. Later, slackers.



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