10 of the Most Annoying Characters

10. Marty Gilbert (Harvey Fierstein) from Independence DayImage

Not only is his voice irritating, but he really doesn’t have any use in the movie. Regardless of your moral fiber, his character drives nothing to the movie’s concept, and you’re rooting for him to stay out of everyone’s way. Spoiler alert: Fortunately, he doesn’t make it to the end of the movie, and it’s soon enough that you can get over the unnecessary voice and enjoy the rest of the movie.

9. Mrs. Carmody (Marcia Gay Harden) from The Mist


If you’ve never seen The Mist, basically it’s about a mysterious mist (duh) where unearthly creatures hold several people hostage inside of a grocery store. The movie in and of itself is very tense and unsettling and it makes you feel like you’re one of the people in the store trying to survive. Mrs. Carmody is basically a religious nut that says that everyone’s going to hell and separates the hostages in two groups. She basically rants throughout the entire movie and everyone (including you) is rolling their eyes every time she opens her mouth. You’re yelling at the TV for her just to shut up and spoiler alert: she finally does.

8. Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) from Girls


Self-obsessed and narcissistic but at the same time insecure and mentally unstable, these are not good qualities in a friend. In fact, all the girls in the eponymous title are equally conceited and selfish but Hannah seems to take the cake (and eat it too). The way she struts around naked or in a bikini proves that she’s conflicted, being so sure of herself and extremely unsure simultaneously. It’s hard to watch this show without wanting to punch everyone in the face, but it shows how real people are, especially girls, in a genuine way. I think it makes it so real that it’s hard to see it on screen. Everybody wants to watch a fairytale before their eyes but it doesn’t always happen like that.

7. Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) from How I Met Your Mother


Ted is a smart, sweet guy just looking for love in all the wrong places. It’s hard not to show some compassion with Ted because we’ve all been lonely. However, his flip-flopping between wildly optimistic and erratically depressed have turned from sympathetic into “come on, get over it already.” It certainly is realistic to take a long time to find your one true love. However, I think his kids could do without all the messy girls he met BEFORE their mother. Why do they care? Why do we care? Over time, it’s become less about the mother and more about Ted and his relationship with his friend. But by this time, we’re like “It’s over, get on with it already.”

6. Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) from Malcolm in the Middle


Intellectually gifted in a less than gifted and droll family, Malcolm obviously thinks he’s smarter than everyone but at the same time just wants to be like everyone else. The way he talks to the camera and his obsessive, neurotic nature makes you want to watch somebody else.

5. George Costanza (Jason Alexander) from Seinfeld


Of course these four main characters are all self-obsessed, neurotic, and condescending. George has to be the most annoying out of all of them. He makes mountains out of molehills, is extremely insecure, is self-deprecating, and wildly obsessive about menial things. It’s amazing he has any relationships but it’s not so surprising none of them work out. That is, except for the three other people who remain his friends because they have the same neuroses. That’s why they all wind up together in the end and basically everyone they ever met or talked to thinks they’re terrible people.

4. Frank Gallagher (William H Macy) from Shameless


All of the characters are self-destructive but Frank is probably the one who does it the most. He sends himself into a downward spiral just to score a drink or drugs. Even when he’s dying, he finds another way to get a fix. This show is categorized to me as a show you “love to hate” but I believe you’re not supposed to feel any real compassion towards Frank. Where his kids don’t know how to lead a good life even if it smacks them in the face, they still want to move on and have some sense of remorse when things go wrong. Frank basically has no remorse or conscience, and that makes him hard to love.

3. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) from The Big Bang Theory


Condescending, unwittingly rude, arrogant. These are all qualities that don’t fare well in someone’s personality with others. A lot of the characters sort of “deal” with Sheldon regardless of his stature. I believe they stay in his life and love him because underneath his annoying habits, he certainly does have heart and a compassionate nature towards the people in his life. Even though he’s annoying Sheldon’s one of my favorite characters and I’ll still watch The Big Bang Theory!

2. Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) from Grey’s Anatomy


Not only did she break up a marriage, but she’s also arrogant and a bad mother (not the Shaft kind). Meredith Grey just wants some human compassion from her parents. Her mother who’s also a surgeon always chose her work before caring for a child. Enter Richard Webber who sees Meredith as a daughter more than Ellis ever did. Meredith bypasses Richard’s attention because he’s basically the one that made her mother focus her attention away from Meredith. Ellis is unintentionally annoying but her actions make her obnoxious regardless of her back story.

1. Peter Griffin from Family Guy


His voice and disregard for other people’s feelings make him pretty annoying. This might make him funny and loveable but there’s a fine line between being humorous and admirable, and being inappropriate and obnoxious.


Don’t agree with my list? Who from TV or movies do you think is annoying?


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