10 Things A Little Off About Disney Movies…

10. Mrs. Potts

Not only is Mrs. Potts like 100 years old with a 6 year old son, but she has like 30 other children besides Chip. However, Chip seems to be the only one she pays attention to. And why is she the only one to have offspring? The feather duster was pretty slutty, why didn’t she have any children?

9. Single Parenting

Most, if not all, Disney movies have a single parent or a kid who has no parents. I don’t know if Walt Disney’s parents were divorced or dead or what but make a Disney movie where the parents stay alive.

8. Prince Eric’s perception of women

Let’s face it, The Little Mermaid may be a cutesy movie with catchy songs but ultimately, it gives girls a bad self image. Ariel has low self esteem and wants something better out of life. Ursula is jealous of Ariel’s beauty and shit so she wants to destroy her. This so called Eric doesn’t even notice his girlfriend’s really a fish. He only likes her because she’s got these nice, long legs and she can’t talk. Even Ursula has to change into this beautiful woman with an awesome singing voice. The only plus size woman in a Disney movie and they set her out to be evil. She just wants to be loved, man.

7. Snow White

What is Snow White’s problem? She thinks it’s acceptable to move in with seven strange men and eat food that some weird old lady gave her. I guess it’s supposed to teach children not to be a slut and about stranger danger. This is another example too of the girl who has nothing to offer except her looks winning the guy. The queen would have landed someone if she wore less make up.

6. Misogyny?

Some may argue Disney was a misogynist considering his portrayal of women in movies. It’s usually a woman who’s evil, or gets killed. Even with a female protagonist, they’re always pretty ditzy and the man seems to be controlling or knowing more than the female. I’d like to think we’ve come a long way since women were allowed to vote, but Disney movies don’t seem to think so.

5. Old Dad

I don’t know if Walt Disney’s dad was really old when Walt was born but a lot of the Disney movies emulate Father/Son relationships where the dad is ancient and the offspring is young. Some examples are: UP, Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, etc. I don’t know what’s up with this but it’s borderline pedophilia.

4. Bad Messages

We all know (or think we know) some inappropriate references in Disney movies that kids either miss or just don’t understand. Some examples of this are the priest’s “boner” in The Little Mermaid, or the infamous “penis cover art” Image, the “SFX” in The Lion King that most people thought said “SEX”, the part in Aladdin where a disembodied voice mumbles “Take off your clothes” or something like that. (I’ll wait so you can go find all this stuff now–>http://storify.com/ashtronangry/subliminal-messages-in-disney-films).

Maybe there’s some disgruntled Disney guy out there doing stuff to see if people notice, or maybe we’re just perverts. Oh well, I never noticed these things as a kid until someone pointed them out so maybe we’ll just leave good enough alone.

3. Cinderella

First off, if Cinderella’s glass slipper is the perfect fit, why does it fall off? Mind blown. Plus, she basically marries the first guy she sees (who is essentially a stranger with a foot fetish) just to move out of her house. I wonder if Cinderella was Portuguese…

2. The Weirdo Gets the Girl

Most Disney movies have the girl desperate for love, but in some movies it’s the guy who needs some action. And the guy is always a big weirdo. The girl is always out of his league but seems to find the guy endearing and falls in love with him. Why does the girl protagonist have to be a ditzy girl that ends up a queen, and the guy is just some dummy who ends up with a girl but nothing else. Maybe I take back my misogynist comment.

Lovable Losers Hall of Fame:

Image Image Image

1. Andy’s Mom

I read something that tied Andy’s Mom from Toy Story to be the original owner of Jessie. That’s why Andy’s hat isn’t the same color as Woody’s, Woody is an “old family toy,” you never know the mom’s first name. There’s also a theory that Woody was Andy’s dad’s toy handed down to Andy. There’s something a little weird about Andy’s mom. I think she has a couple of skeletons in that closet where she pulled Buzz from.


Find something else that’s a little unsettling about Disney movies? Leave a comment!






3 responses to “#THURSDAY TEN

  1. Totally agree with #s 10 and 9! I’m not sure Ariel had low self esteem…hmmm might have to watch Little Mermaid again. But, Prince Eric is just a guy being a guy after all 😛 lol. Snow White – not sure that one really counts for your argument cause it was like a totally different time period. I think there’s a good mix of male and female baddies, so I don’t know about #6. I never really realized #5. Some of your examples don’t count though – in UP they were not father and son. B&B wasn’t so bad because she was supposed to be like 17 so her dad could’ve been a little older, but I guess maybe he didn’t have to be as old as they made him to be! Lion King – I don’t think Mufasa was supposed to be that old, was he? Mary Poppins – I guess the parents might’ve been a little old for the age of the kids. #4 agree, but I’ve always been a little skeptical of whether or not those things are all real. The Little Mermaid one I think I did read a legit story that it was something take vengeance for being fired or something, but who knows if that was true. #3 – true dat! Good call, good call. #2 I think is a good thing, cause it shows it’s not all about princes and popularity! To be honest I didn’t really follow #1 lol.

    • I know they weren’t father and son but he was sort of like a father figure. The same with Gepetto…he wasn’t really a dad per say. I just associate Mufasa with James Earl Jones so I picture Mufasa as old.

      I didn’t say there WEREN’T male baddies, I just said that the women were either portrayed as evil or flaky. The intelligent females were always the antagonists.

      Number 1 was just describing a theory of Andy’s mom having sort of a backstory with the toys.

      That doesn’t excuse Prince Eric.

      Thanks for posting your concerns! 😀

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