10 Things Kids Today Will Never Understand…

10. Image


9. Where you used to get your news…


8. Awesome games that required you to move and didn’t have the words candy, flappy, or angry in them. Games like 7 up, Egg, Red Rover, Sardines, etc.

7. The weirdness that is Shel Silverstein. I know I still remember books of wacky poems like Where the Sidewalk Ends, and A House in the Attic. And who could forget The Giving Tree? Some good for nothing boy takes advantage of a tree that gives, with nothing in return except the boy’s welfare.

6. Book series like The Animorphs, Sweet Valley HighGoosebumps, The Babysitter’s Club, Ramona and Beezus, and The Boxcar Children

5. When you had the choice of answering a question or taking a physical challenge, you always took the physical challenge.

4. There was no such thing as iPads, or XBox. You had to use your Image

3. Running out of money on this: Image or this being your first cell phone: Image

2. Recording songs off the radio and HATED when the dj would speak over the beginning of the song. There were also such things as “singles” where you could listen to your favorite song over and over without this new fangled iTunes.

1. Talking to someone meant this:

Image Image Image

Nowadays it’s this:

Image Image Image


Think there’s something else Kids Today won’t understand about YOUR childhood? Leave a comment below!




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