10 Things Facebook is good for…

10. Complaining about the weather

9. Complaining about other people

8. Learning that someone famous died

7. Current events like a corrupt cop or animal abuse.

6. Being jealous of other people’s vacations.

5. Pretending your life is much more fascinating than it is.

4. Seeing the cute overload of babies, puppies, etc.

3. Promoting your business, or showing people how talented you are.

2. Staying in contact with people you never talk to/see in real life but you rubbed elbows with them in 2nd grade, or they know someone who knows someone who can get you an interview or something, so you keep them as your “friend.” Or they have cute babies and you like seeing all the cute pictures 😀

1. Stalking someone you don’t like and making sure your life turned out better than theirs.


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