10 ways TV Runs your Life


10. You schedule everything around what’s on TV, and basically only know what day it is because your favorite show’s on.

“Can you move the memorial service, ‘cuz I’m busy Thursday night.”


9. You can find a reference to anything in your actual life based on a TV show. Ever think about saying “PIVOT” when you’re moving a couch? or maybe your neighbor is secretly a serial killer…Mostly, Seinfeld is a big culprit of this.


8. You’re sent through an emotional wringer when watching a show. You’ll root for a couple to stay together, beg for someone to get voted off, cry when someone dies, laugh aloud when someone walks into a door…usually if you make an audible noise like a gasp, groan, sob, laugh, huff, or shout at the tv, you are a victim of losing touch with reality.


7. No one can talk to you until it’s a commercial.


6. You avoid the internet for any spoilers, but after having already seen the show or episode, you like to voice your opinion and see if people feel the same way.


5. You get upset when a show you like gets cancelled or ends.


4. Even if the last seasons suck butt, you still watch the show hoping it will get better. And even if it doesn’t, at least you were loyal to the show.


3. Your DVR has over 20 shows on it.


2. You use TV as an ice breaker. And if someone DID happen to catch the episode, you can talk about it forever.


1. It weirds you out when you see one actor in something else, or speaking in their normal dialect when they had a different voice in the show.


I’m pretty much a victim of all these things. haha


Know another way TV controls your life?  Leave a comment!




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