10 Things Wrong with Saved by the BellImage

10. Zack Morris

Image He’s the most popular guy in school, going out with the head cheerleader, making fun of the nerds, and best friends with the high school athlete. Although he was a cocky blond guy, he was oddly relatable and down to earth. He was also friends with the geekiest guy in school which in real life would never happen. I also don’t understand how he could freeze time, predict the future, and break the fourth wall. And how was he so popular when he wore sweaters like this: Image


9. No Hope with Dope


Sure, they all knew drugs were BAD but drinking and driving was okay? Maybe that’s how they do things in California.

Notice Jessie is in the public service announcement. She knows a thing or two about addiction: Image


8. Weird Clique

Probably a major thing wrong with this depiction of high school is that you’d never see five different cliques within the same clique. The student council president, the cheerleader, the athlete, the nerd, the popular guy, and a fashion obsessed girl? That’s why The Breakfast Club was only a movie, and this was only a TV show.


7. Tori Who?


When Kelly and Jessie were somewhere else in the school, out popped Tori to round out the group dynamic. She was only there for like five episodes, made it into the opening sequence, had a brief relationship with Zack, and disappeared without anymore mention of her. Apparently the actress hasn’t done anything significant since then. R.I.P. Tori


6. The Max


How does a restaurant only have one waitress (primarily Kelly and at one point Lisa), and hosts all the big events (like a pep rally…isn’t that usually held in the gym or auditorium? And after they save the restaurant, the owner mysteriously disappears and is replaced by a guy Kelly cheats on Zack with. And then after the guy cheats on her back, he mysteriously disappears.


5. Summer jobs?


They all get jobs at Lisa’s parents’ beach club (another point, why is Lisa richer than everybody else?), but the thing “wrong” with this, is it alternates with school episodes. Zack has a summer fling with Leah Remini (who seems to be typecast as a bitch), but the episode after the “summer,” it shows Zack and Kelly’s break-up aftermath. And Kelly is at the beach club chummy with Zack.

4. Singing careers?


We all know why this group didn’t stay together, but whatever happened to Zack Attack? They were always the band at the school dance, yet there was no one to sign them for a record deal. I guess they didn’t hang out at high school proms. Casey Kasem seemed to always be available though.


3. The ’90s were a loooong time ago.




2. The Social Scene

I’m sure it’s easy to score drugs in California, but we already established there was no hope with dope. Although, I’m not so sure…Image

I don’t think this is what guys do when they hang out…


1. Disappearing Friends

Oh, so they had more friends? Whatever happened to them?


And they’re not having a pillowfight in their underwear? I thought that’s how all sleepovers went down.


Can think of something else wrong with the beloved high school sitcom? Besides the college spin-off? Leave a comment!




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  1. Did you actually know this much or did you have to look some stuff up? Haha. I’ve watched a lot of SBTB, but I never really knew enough to figure out timelines and stuff – I wondered where the beach episodes fit into!

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