10 Things I didn’t like as a kid but now like as an adult

There were a few things I thought of writing about on Thursday, but this one kept sticking in my mind. It’s funny how you think you don’t like something because as a kid, there’s something in your brain that wants you to rebel. As an adult, you find you’re more concerned about your health and well-being so things that may have seemed yucky as a kid are essential now. Here’s my list:

10. Oatmeal

I don’t know if it was how it was prepared, or if it wasn’t put in long enough, or maybe the brand, but I detested oatmeal as a youngster. And I never touched the stuff until recently. I started working out and realized oatmeal was actually a quick and healthy breakfast (since most breakfast items are there to attack your cholesterol and whatnot). I work at a grocery store and they had a specific oatmeal there for us to taste, and I thought why not? Well lo and behold I actually liked what I tasted and I thought to myself, Maybe oatmeal isn’t all that bad. I think I might like the flavored ones better, but now I can’t get enough of it. It is now my breakfast staple. And also, our microwave perpetually smells like maple & brown sugar.

9. Brussels Sprouts

This one’s a toughie ’cause I still think brussels sprouts are gross, but I realized you don’t have to boil them to death. You can add seasonings and grill them and make them not taste like feet. I think brussels sprouts is always the vegetable that makes it on the “Kids Won’t Eat it” list, and if I can stay away from it, I usually do. I learned it’s not the most offensive of all vegetables. Beets on the other hand…

8. Coffee

I never liked the taste of coffee. I didn’t like the drink, the ice cream, or even those coffee flavored candies. Even in college, I didn’t have too much coffee, which is probably why I slept in my clothes for four hours during the day once in a while. Over time, when I met my girlfriend (who is now my wife), she had/has a Starbucks addiction and got me hooked on it because she would usually make me get her something from there. I decided to try some stuff out, starting with the teas and hot chocolates because again, I didn’t drink coffee. Later on, upon learning about my lactose intolerance and realizing there was a soy milk option, I delved into the lattes and frappes. I realized coffee has caffeine and makes me more awake! I realized you can filter the coffee taste by adding sugar and milk! I may never be a black coffee drinker, and I’m not dependent on it but every now and then, a cup of coffee hits the spot. As long as I can add tons of sugar weeeeeeeeeeee!

7. Cupcakes

This may shock some people but I didn’t like cupcakes until now. I’m pretty sure this dislike stemmed from Ludlow Central Bakery’s stale cupcakes and hard as a rock frosting. Oh wait? There’s such thing as gourmet cupcakes? What the heck is red velvet? I learned you don’t have to use a buttercream frosting (which was too sweet for me), although some of you might be thinking, Why wouldn’t you use buttercream? I learned that a cupcake was basically chocolate cake (my favorite dessert) with goop on top. I realized that cupcakes could be moist and could have filling and could be so big you’d have to eat them with a fork. Living near New York escalated my appreciation for cupcakes. You don’t know what you don’t know and when I was a kid, I thought the only cupcakes around had to be ones you could throw like softballs.

6. Sausage

To be fair, I did and still do like chouriça but I’m talking about other sausage, mainly breakfast sausage. I don’t know if it was the texture or the taste, but for breakfast I’d always order four strips of bacon instead of the bacon and sausage. Over time, I learned there was such thing as turkey sausage and chicken sausage which tasted different than the Jimmy Dean processed garbage. And you never had a hot dog until you had one from Five Guys. A hot dog doesn’t have to taste like a rubbery balloon that you microwaved for two minutes? Wow!

5. The Gym

As a kid, you learn early on if you’re destined to become an athlete. Instead of picking up a soccer ball (probably the only Portuguese boy in town who didn’t), I’d rather pick up a book or markers. I can’t say I tried my hardest in gym class, but I did try. I wasn’t the most athletic but sometimes I surprised myself with the things I could accomplish. During your adolescence, gym has to be the most trying time. You’re growing hair in weird places, you have to take your shirt off in front of other people when you’re not really comfortable with your body, you have to deal with guys who are dumber than you so they take gym WAY too seriously. Anyways, my point is that I didn’t really care about bettering my health or working on my body when I was younger, but I do now. I go to the gym as a way to de-stress. I feel good about myself, and I like to push myself and see how much more I can do that I wasn’t able to do when I was younger. When you’re young you take your agility and energy for granted. When you get older, it’s a lot harder to accomplish goals because you get more tired and your bones get weaker. I like to go to the gym to tell adolescent me, Hey! You’re not in gym class anymore. There is no grade. There is no teacher. There is no one who’s better than you. This is just for you.

4. Clothes

I actually still don’t like clothes. I sleep in next to nothing, and walk around the house the same way. My internal temperature is always burning hot and clothes are so constricting and itchy and whatever. I never bought my own clothes or shoes when I was younger, and truth be told, I probably still have a few shirts I still wear that I wore in high school. The point is, I care a little more about clothes in my adulthood. You’re an adult now. Your friends are getting married and having babies, and you yourself might be going down the same path. You have to wear what’s appropriate for the weather and look good for your significant other. He/She’s not going to be wearing something fancy to dinner while you’re dressed in basketball shorts. By the way once you get a significant other, especially when that s.o. is a woman, and you’re a guy, you start to think more consciously about what you’re wearing and what they might like to see you in. I can’t say I like clothes, because I’d much rather trot around in my underwear or birthday suit, but I’ve become more conscious of what I’m wearing. I tried to make a big fashion statement at my wedding by having me and the groomsmen wear sneakers, but it resulted in wearing funky socks. Even then, it was me being more conscious about clothes. The ring bearer wore sneakers so I was still happy 😀

3. Flying

I still hate flying, but after being on a plane for 10 hours, I’ve learned it’s not so bad. I love traveling to new and exciting places and sometimes, a plane is the easiest way to go. They also say it’s the safest way to travel. I know some people that REFUSE to go in a plane, but I think it’s all worth it when your destination makes that whole plane memory fade away fast. Like after we got off the plane and into Hawaii, I totally forgot about the grueling endless hours where a baby wouldn’t stop crying in the seat behind us. That makes me think of something I’ve always liked: noise cancelling headphones.

2. Dried Fruit

I don’t know if it was the texture or the fact that it seemed unnatural that a banana should be flat like paper. As a youngin’, you don’t really care for fruit anyways. I think I always liked fruit even as a child, but something about dried fruit turned me off. Then recently, I discovered dried mango. Tons of people were buying it at the store I work at so I thought what’s the big deal? I bought it, I tried it, and I realized why so many people were addicted to those things. It was just mango flattened and shriveled, but it was still sweet and delicious. Some dried fruit is better than others, and of course nothing beats the 3-dimensional fruit, but I can say now that I like dried fruit.


1. Animals

I had only two pets in my life. Two parakeets that scared the hell out of me when they got out of their cage. They flew away and are probably dead now, but I never really sought a need for more animals in my life. This probably stems from my parents who don’t like animals, and would skin rabbits in the garage. It kind of turned me off of trying to bring a pet home. I always thought that any animal I tried to love, my parents would find a way to kill it and eat it. Also, our neighbor used to have millions (that’s probably not an exaggeration) of cats that would sit on our cars and everywhere else. They were really annoying and made me hate cats. Recently, my sister got a dog that’s the sweetest (and possibly laziest) dog I ever met…well unless it sees another dog. That’s really the only time she moves. I’ve also found myself lonely at times and think it might be nice to have “man’s best friend” lying there with me. Either that or a kid. They’re kind of the same thing, right?


What do you like now that you didn’t when you were a kid? Leave a comment!




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