10 Truths

Sorry for the late post but I didn’t want to deprive anyone of a Thursday rant. Here are some truths about me that might prove a little embarrassing but this is how I feel about that: Image


10. I used to think Lieutenant Dan’s legs were really gone :-o. Say what you will about Forrest Gump, but I thought those special effects were pretty good.

9. I like movies about baseball but I don’t care about the actual sport.

8. I’ve seen every episode of Friends like a million times and know obscure trivia. I even recognize one-time extras when they’re in other stuff AND know the names of the characters. I have “He’s her lobster!” inscribed on my wedding ring. That makes me sound really sad, huh?

7. I don’t use the hole in my underwear when I pee.

6. Stand by Me is my all-time favorite movie. Boom baba boom baba boom!

5. I use way too much toilet paper.

4. My favorite Disney character is Goofy. And my favorite Disney movie is The Lion King.

3. The women on my “freebie list” are: Mila Kunis, Pink, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry/Zooey Deschanel (since they look exactly alike), and Sarah Chalke.

2. I dyed my hair before but I didn’t bleach it first so you couldn’t notice.

1. I love to play board games, except Monopoly (the themed ones are okay). I plan to have a game night.




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