So Thursday Tens are usually a list of ten things that are currently on MY mind, but I’m interested to know what’s on YOUR mind. So for a Thursday Ten, I’m asking for your contribution. You can either respond to this post or send a private message with one thoughtful question that you’ve always wondered about but didn’t care to find out the answer. I’ll do my best to answer your questions. It could be something you want to know about me, or it could be who sings that song you keep hearing on the radio, or whatever thing you can think of. I’m not sure when this list will take effect. Let me know if you want to be anonymous. Thanks in advance and have fun! 



  1. -What’s your favorite part of the day?
    -Why does it take so freakin’ long to find out if you’re pregnant? Why hasn’t science come farther by now to tell you sooner?!
    -Why do almost no healthy foods ever fill you up?
    -What’s the most likely option to win in ‘rock, paper, scissors’?
    -Why do school grades go A, B, C, D, F…whatever happened to poor E?!
    -Who decided that most snooze buttons would be about 9 minutes, and why?
    -How are people with bad backs/bones able to sense the weather? How and why does that work?
    -Why did WordPress eat my original comment and make me retype this??

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