10 Things Wrong with Boy Meets World


The series of “Things Wrong with TV Shows I Used to Watch” continues with Boy Meets World. There’s probably a lot more than 10 things wrong with this show but I’m only doing 10 things that bothered me. :D. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and it will always hold a special place in my heart, but let’s face it, the show is batshit crazy.


Here we go…


10. The Ol’ Switcheroo

I don’t know about you but it always bothers me when you watch a show from start to finish and they just switch out an actor playing the same character like YOU WOULDN’T NOTICE. Well, I did notice. Let me direct you to Harley Keiner, Topanga’s parents, and Morgan Matthews.

harley otherharleytopangas-parents_480x270



9. The Ol’ Disappearing Act

The only thing worse than switching out an actor is making an actor disappear into Judy Winslow land with no explanation. The only thing WORSE THAN THAT is having an actor disappear for like 4 seasons, then reappear for one episode, then disappear again. Minkus shows up at graduation saying he’s been in the part of the school that no one ever goes…oh and there’s Mr. Turner.



Star Alert! Remember when Mena Suvari, Keri Russell, Ethan Suplee, Nia Vardalos, Larisa Oleynik,  Adam Scott, Brittany Murphy, Danielle Harris, and Jason Marsden were on the show? Probably not.



8. The Ghost Siblings

Shawn’s sister Stacey, his brother Eddie, and Topanga’s sister Nebula are all figments of our imagination.


7. School is not really like that.

A. They’ve had other teachers but in the later years, Mr. Feeny decided he could take on EVERY subject and EVERY grade, even college courses. No no.

B. If Topanga is the valedictorian and smarter than everybody, why is she in the same class as Shawn and Cory. Shouldn’t she be in advanced classes?

C. They entered the “senior hall” only it was the same hallway turned around. Fancy camera angles!

D. The graduating class is only like 15 people. AND if Shawn failed just about everything, how did he graduate?


6. Cory’s hook on Topanga

First season: Cory thinks Topanga is bonkers but sorta kinda likes her



Mid to Later Seasons: Sometimes Topanga isn’t there so Cory dates some random girls. Once Topanga shows up, he decides he wants her to be his girlfriend. They date and break up throughout the show at least three times, professing they’ve loved each other since they were 4 (and their chance meeting is never the same).


And if Cory is so in love with Topanga, why did he cheat on her so many times? laurenMissyRobinson

It took Topanga’s parents’ divorce to rattle her feelings of love towards Cory, BUT it could have taken his cheating ways to say Sayonara, Pal. They eventually get married despite better judgment. To each their own I guess.


5. Cory’s parents.

Alan and Amy are the parents everyone wishes their parents were. The “cool, hip” parents that don’t really serve a purpose other than to watch their kids learn a life lesson and throw a few quips their way. Here’s what’s wrong with his life-givers:


  1. The Matthews never were embarrassed by their parents.
  2. They were cool and never gave their kids chores, played basketball with them, had a super soaker fight, listened to the same music their kids listened to, played mini golf with them, and let them go to water wars when the kids had to paint a fence.
  3. They could probably not live in the house they had on a grocer’s salary, and the mother basically being a housewife.
  4. They had a baby after a hundred years.
  5. They were funny.


4. Messing with Time and Stuff

There was a time portal, a time where they were transported to the ‘40s, and a time where they were in the Fonzie era. What makes BMW so entitled that they can just screw with time like that?


3. Jack

So Shawn suddenly has a brother Jack whom he never told anybody about. And his father recognizes Jack even though he probably hasn’t seen him since he was a kid. Shawn reports that he always wrote letters but never mentioned his brother until now. If I were Cory, I’d be like, what about that other brother that stole shit? I think they always wanted to give Shawn a sibling and for some reason Matthew Lawrence was well received. They wanted a positive thing for Shawn since his life was crap. I thought that was supposed to be Cory but that wasn’t good enough. He needed a brother and a girlfriend.


2. Morgan


Morgan had some fun lines in the show, but there was no real need for her. You almost forgot Cory had another sibling besides Eric. She was supposed to be cute but she kinda turned bitchy when she was a teenager. It probably paved the road in the writers’ minds for Girl Meets World, but it was probably a road best left unfinished. If I want to watch a girl grow up, I’ll watch My Girl or something. I don’t even think Cory really interacted much with his own sister throughout the course of the show.




The titular character was relatable, funny, heartwarming, and compassionate. However, he was also whiny, annoying at times, over dramatic, and overly tenacious. There were times when you enjoyed watching the other players and rolled your eyes along with them whenever Cory tried to get Angela and Shawn back together, or when he tried to fix his own relationships. He overreacted to basically everything life threw out to him and if you’re really meeting the world, you should be able to deal with it reasonably. Don’t be a Cory and flail around like a fish out of water.



Have any qualms about BMW not discussed here? Leave a comment!




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