10 Rules of Thumb

I recently got this book called Rules of Thumb, and decided to share some words of wisdom with you. Enjoy

10. A cat’s tail is a “semaphore.” If the tail curls in the shape of an S, your cat is as happy as a clam. If it’s standing straight up, it’s saying, “Hi, how are you today?” If the tail is off to one side, your cat wants to play. If it’s down to the ground or twitching, it’s in a bad mood.


9. In a public washroom, always use the toilet farthest away from the door. It’s typically cleaner and used less than the others.


8. At Disney World, the crowd is most likely to turn to the right. Therefore, the rides to the left are less crowded.


7.If you need gas while driving on the interstate, look for exits with at least two gas stations. The competition will mean a lower price per gallon.


6. If you get the urge to walk out on a movie after 10 minutes, stick with it; you may change your mind. If you still have the urge after 45 minutes, it’s probably not going to get better.


5. Bet on the horse with the highest butt.


4. When giving instructions to a high school class, assume that three students will follow them incorrectly.


3. Child-support payments for one child will usually equal 20 percent of the gross income of the parent who doesn’t have custody.


2. A movie should be released after September to have a reasonable shot at winning an Oscar nomination.


1. If you’re hiding something from a child, never hide it below your eye level.


There may be more Rules of Thumb down the road.

What should be the next topic for #ThursdayTen? Leave a comment!



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