10 Questions You Ask Yourself When Watching Friends


Friends will always be one of my favorite shows, but there are some questions that will remain unanswered!


10. Why did Emily stay with Ross?

After Ross said another girl’s name at their wedding, Emily continued to marry Ross. YET she wanted nothing to do with him after that. Ross worked so hard to get back together with her but she wanted nothing to do with it. THEN she asks him not to see Rachel and he says Nay to that so they get divorced. THEN he marries Rachel but doesn’t believe he loves her. THEN Emily thinks maybe she made a mistake but Ross still says Nay to thinking about her again because Rachel talks him out of it. THEN Rachel and Ross have a baby and end up together anyways. So couldn’t we have cut out all the drama by Emily saying Nay to Ross when he said Yay to Rachel?


9. Did they think we wouldn’t notice the two Carols?



8. What’s the deal with the babies?

They have a baby and basically drop them off at their parents or in a playpen when they really should be spending quality time with them. Monica waits so long to have a baby then leaves them alone in an apartment while she’s destroying a foosball table. Then after like an undetermined amount of time, she’s like Oh Yeah I have babies. Talk about good parenting. And why did Ross and Rachel need to hire a nanny when they were home the whole time? And the nanny was there to drop the baby off at Rachel’s mom’s house. She didn’t look after the baby! Sounds like they were too hasty firing Sandy. When Emma was born, Ross completely forgot about his other child. Or at least Jack did.


7. Why did no one laugh at Chandler’s jokes?

There’s one episode where Monica thinks another guy is the funniest guy she ever met. Tough break, Chandler. At least he thought HE was funny.



6. If Ross doesn’t like ice cream, why does he eat it in the previous seasons?


5. Why wasn’t Phoebe’s family at her wedding?

We could say it was because nobody could make it ‘cause of the blizzard but still. It’s your daughter’s/sister’s wedding!


4. Why didn’t Phoebe and Joey ever get together?


3. What’s so special about the foosball table?

They make it seem like the foosball table is the first one they bought together but actually the first one they buy together gets stolen, and then Chandler buys a new one out of guilt for kissing Joey’s girlfriend.


2. Where did all their other friends come from?

They hang out with each other but supposedly they have other friends that show up when they have a party. It’d be fine if they hung out with them but we never see them again.


1. Why didn’t they spend holidays with their families?

phoebsstop the madness


What other things have you noticed? Leave a comment!



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