10 Tips and Tricks for Mario Kart 8


A lot of you won’t care about this post, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want :D. I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Kart 8 lately and many know I can get quite into the game. I wanted to share some tips and tricks so if it happens to be your favorite game as well, you may have a chance at beating me (although it seems unlikely ;).


10. Explore the tracks


Get to know the shortcuts, the turns, and the obstacles. You can see that the dark areas make you drive slow, and sometimes driving underwater can be more difficult than navigating the air. Get a feel for the tracks so that you can have a better time driving around them with minimal to no obstruction.


9. Pick the right character/kart.


A nice feature in Mario Kart 8 is you can customize your cart so depending on your character, or what wheels you pick, it can determine your speed/handling, etc. You may think a certain character is cool and you always drive with that character, but make sure that you feel comfortable with him. I like to drive with the “light” and some “medium” characters because they’re fast and go around turns easier.


8. Boosting!


You can start out of the gate with a boost. As soon as the count hits 2, press your acceleration and you’ll get a boost. Be aware of the boosts around the course, but make sure when you get on the boost, you’ll be able to control your car. I’ve had it happen where you go on a boost and lose control, and then your efforts were worthless. If you follow a character long enough, you can catch their wind and drive past them. Also if you hop around the turns, you can gain yourself a little boost the longer you hold it. It also makes going around the turns easier 😀


7. Use your items carefully


You want to use trickery and strategy with your items. Place the banana peels behind question marks, on boosts, close to the edge of a cliff, or near the finish line. Use your mushroom when you’re in the air, and not on a turn. You can even hold the item behind you so that if a shell is coming your way, it’ll hit the shell you have behind your kart. You can also avoid the red shell if you swerve close to a wall. That way the red shell will also hit a wall and avoid you.


6. Rainbow Road is the devil.


That’s it.


5. Focus only on you.


If you’re playing with other people, try not to see what they’re doing. You’re only goal is to get in first and then once all your laps are done, you can see where the others ended up.


4. Your position determines your items.


If you’re in first, chances are you’ll only get shells or banana peels. Practice shooting things backwards and don’t hold out too long or you can lose all your items. This is where strategy is key and there’s really no way to avoid the blue shell. Just try to get other people with you inside the cloud so they blow up too.


3. Pay attention to the laps/checkpoints.


A lot of the time, you’ll think you won and you still have another lap to go. Just make sure you’ve completed the race before you start celebrating.


2. Don’t get too frustrated.


Remember, it’s only a game. 😀


1.Don’t drive with the heavyweights.

Who knows why Bowser’s even in the game. 😀


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