10 Hard Truths About Friends

I’m still not done talking about the show that is Friends, so you can consider this a What’s Wrong with This Show? Part 2. There may be more Part 2s under way seeing as how there’s a lot wrong with my beloved TV shows, but I could only write 10 things! Let’s revisit it shall we?



10. Rachel is the only one to kiss all the other friends.

rachel kisses chandler rachelkissesjoeyrachelkissesrossrachelkissesmonica   rachel kisses phoebe 

If you think about it…

Joey has planted one on everyone except Monica.

Ross has kissed everyone except Chandler, and vice versa.

Phoebe has kissed everyone except Monica unless you count this: 21

Rachel also does her fair share of kissing other people:


9. You never figure out what happened to Cliff and Jake.


As pointed out in Season 9 by Ross, Phoebe had a lot of suitors and you find out why it doesn’t work out except for two of them. Jake was the one who wore Phoebe’s underwear…I guess that’s a good reason to break up with someone but it’s never established. And when Rachel has the baby, Phoebe sets up a date with the guy in a cast. And we never hear from him again.


8. Rachel spills the beans about Ross’s baby’s gender, and later on he spills the beans to Rachel about the baby’s gender.


7. The closet that is impossible to be opened is actually opened by Rachel in a previous season.


6. The toilet seems to switch positions in Joey and Chandler’s bathroom. If only plumbing was that easy!


5. Why was Shepherd’s pie the page after a trifle? Isn’t a cookbook separated into sections?


4. Joey expresses the title of the soap opera he’s on as Days of Our Lives or DOOL (in Season 7), but he calls it THE Days of Our Lives in a later season.




3. The story of “Kip” changes throughout the seasons. At one point, he and Chandler buy a hibachi together and then he gets married. Later on, we find out he dated Monica and just got phased out.


2. When everybody is late to Phoebe’s birthday dinner, it never occurred to them to call their friends and see what was going on. They just waited like IDIOTS!


1. Rachel and Joey failed to get further in their relationship but later on, Rachel says “In the one week we went out, he didn’t sleep with anyone else.” Meaning they did sleep together?



What other TV shows do you want me to comment on? Leave your words below!!

I mostly like posting about Friends ’cause they have funny gifs.

Weeeeeeeeeeeee! monica2



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