10 Things I’m Looking Forward To The Rest of the Year

10. Going to Disney World! I’m definitely a big kid at heart and I like everyone I’m going with andddd I definitely need to take some sort of vacation and I know it’ll be fun!


9. Apple Cider Donuts! Definitely one of my favorite things about the fall. Technically you can get them all year round but they really only taste right around this time!


8. Birthdays! It doesn’t matter whose birthday it is, I LOVE celebrating. My favorite thing about my birthday is cake (really) and being surrounded by loved ones.


7. Christmas! My favorite holiday! I don’t go into stores around this time (has anyone ever heard of online shopping), so naturally I’m in better spirits than most people around the holidays. My family pretty much detested this holiday when I was growing up but for some reason I always loved decorating the tree and singing Christmas carols. And one of my favorite things was hearing our priest sing O Holy Night. Now that I have a second family, it’s fun to see how different traditions can be. And I like snow on Christmas but after that, it can go away!!


6. Radio City Christmas Spectacular! My first time seeing this, and the Rockettes! Not usually my type of thing but I’m excited to do something different!


5. Visiting Central Perk! Click this link to view article! You may have already guessed that one of my favorite shows is Friends, and I was excited to find out there’s actually going to be a “Central Perk” in New York. Even Gunther’s gonna be there!


4. Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary! This year has flown by, and I can’t imagine anyone else I’d want to be married to (or who would put up with me for this long). I’m so excited to eat our stale cake and celebrate one year of being married. We’ll probably go on one of our hot dates to Target 😀


3. The return of all my shows! The fall season means TV shows are coming back! And for someone whose life revolves around TV shows, this excites me…my life is kinda sad but I don’t care haha.


2. Halloween! I always liked Halloween and when we had our own place, I was excited that kids would come trick or treating. Only the past few years, I was severely disappointed. Damn hurricanes! I like to watch horror movies on this day and eat half my weight in chocolate. Doesn’t everybody do that?


1. Pumpkin Carving! We may have to miss the annual Pumpkin Carving that my cousin hosts, but I still can’t wait for it! We might have to have our own little pumpkin carving party which we did last year. I love pumpkin carving and having fun with people I love. I hope to do it with my kids someday and have a family tradition 😀


What are you looking forward to this year?


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