The Reaction

It was like 10:30 or 11 at night and I’m becoming an old person so I was already in bed and half in the bag when my wife comes out of the bathroom and shouts “Oh my God!” I’m like rolling my eyes and thinking Jeez, another spider the size of a popcorn kernel I have to kill. Side note: My wife freaks out over the SMALLEST spider and she even has a radar for them. Sometimes I have to ask where they are ‘cause I don’t see them. I also believe they seek her out because she seems to encounter them more than I do.


Anyways, she shows me the pregnancy test that clearly reads PREGNANT, and once I realize what I’m looking at, I’m flooded with a whole mix of emotions that probably didn’t convey to my face. My face was probably like Dat’s cool, but in my mind I’m freaking out. Immediately, I’m overcome with obvious joy, skepticism, anxiety and a little fear. Gradually, I’m starting to freak out more to my wife because the miracle of birth still astounds me. I’m sure she’s enjoying me being a worrywart about everything.


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