10 Back to School Essentials…

…IN THE ’90S!

Hey, boys and girls! In honor of all the kiddos going back to school, I thought I’d provide some helpful tips of going back to school in the ’90s. School supply lists are now a mile long and can cost you an arm and a leg but it makes me think it was a simpler time back then. We didn’t have shit called Book Sox, we had to make our own motherfuckin’ book covers out of paper bags. /endrantnotreally

Here we go. Hope this helps!

10. Trapper Keepers

Why have 17 million binders when you could keep all your assignments in a cool binder that had a sweet design on it? Most binders nowadays pinch your fingers and the papers and shit fall out but when your binder has a velcro cover, ain’t nothing getting out. <–School teached me some good English.

On the plus side, you needed those damn reinforcements (or sticky circle things for those who never worked in an office supply store) so your pages wouldn’t rip. You’re a kid of the ’90s now so you don’t need any of that!


When you heard the sound of velcro ripping, you wanted to be that kid’s friend


9. A composition notebook

You got your awesome binder…now you need something to put in it. If you were a kid of the ’90s, you remember writing in one of these. But more importantly, you remember coloring in the little white spots with different colored markers instead of taking notes.



8. Yikes! Pencils

There are many “pencil fads” of the ’90s, but I remember Yikes! These were the pencils to write with (unless you were a girl, then you had those fancy Lisa Frank everything). lisafrank


Cool designs, colored tips, and an eraser that was so abrasive it ripped your paper!


7. Troll toppers

You got your awesome pencils, now you need something impractical to put on the eraser. These were not only cute but were fun to run under your chin when you were deep in thought.



6. Rainbow Pens

When you were feeling colorful, or daring enough to do Math in pen (some teachers forbade the use of purple on your math homework), you felt the need to write with a ginormous pen with 10 colors. I’m not sure why you would need to write in lime green, but it was fun to have possibilities!



5. Hot Clothes!

If you’re a child of the ’90s, you know you were stylin’. All you need to wear is neon colors and baggy pants. I think this is when MC Hammer was popular?


From the movie Clueless, which we definitely were.


4. Light up Sneakers

More important than high fashion, is what you’re wearing on your feet. The sneakers that light up whenever you step was all the rage!



3. Hard lunchboxes

It’s your first day of school and you’re trying to develop your personality. How else can you do that by expressing your interests on a plastic lunchbox with matching thermos? You liked The California Raisins and you didn’t care who knew it!

Lunch Box, Calif Raisin


2. Crayola Crayons with the sharpener in the back

You loved getting colors like “Macaroni and Cheese” or “Eggplant purple” <–Is that really a color? I think I just made that up. Anyways, nothing else mattered when you had these crayons. And it even came with a sharpener. Pretty cutting edge.



1. Goosebumps books

R.L. Stine was the shit. For silent reading time, you know when you pulled out these not-so-scary books, you meant business. And of course, feeling the “goosebumps” in the title was the best part of reading these books.



So you’re all set for going back to school in the ’90s. You’re welcome!


What should my next Thursday Ten be? Leave a comment!






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