10 Reasons I miss my iPhone.

As some of you may know, I came to the dark side and switched from Apple to Android by getting a Samsung Galaxy. Although there are some features I like on the Samsung, the iPhone is my phonesoulmate (that’s a word). To be fair, I think I’ll split it up with 5 and 5. I don’t want to offend die hard Android lovers.

10 Reasons I miss my iPhone.
5 Reasons I miss my iPhone.

5. The emojis are way better.

The emojis on iPhone seemed to express the emotion to a T, but with the Samsung there’s some guesswork as to what it shows. Plus, if you’re sending one to an iphone user, they’ll receive the iphone emoji (if they receive the emoji at all).


iPhone emojis


Samsung Emojis

4. Volume control

On the iPhone, there was a way to silence/vibrate your phone by just switching a button. With the Samsung, you have to use the side buttons (which consequently turns the screen off if you press the other button on the side; the iphone’s power is on the top). You can also go into the screen to turn the volume down or off but it seems like a lot more steps than just switching something on and off.

Plus, the speaker is on the back of the phone instead of on the bottom so if you put your phone down, the sound immediately gets subdued, or is completely inaudible.

3. Texting

The swype text is annoying and makes me look like a bigger idiot with the typos. Of course you can turn the swype text off but I’m a little lazy to find out where to find it.

2. Too many steps.

The iPhone’s a lot more user friendly and takes only one or two steps to get to something, whereas the Samsung you need to dig deep to find something.

1. Siri

I’ll admit I miss that stupid thing. I hated Siri but it’s really convenient when you don’t feel like looking through contacts and just saying “Call…”

5 Things I like about my new phone

5. The gigantor screen. It’s a lot bigger than the iPhone and the touch screen’s a little more sensitive. Although I hear the new iphone has a big screen too.

4. It was free. Plus the data plan is a lot cheaper.

3. The battery lasts a LOT longer.

2. It shows notification symbols in the top of the screen. Normally this annoying, because I’m anal and have to clear everything when it pops up but it still shows the notification until I clear it or go to it. This is pretty useful.

1. The transferring was pretty seamless.

It was hard to think of 5 things I liked hahaha.

Do you like your phone? Tell me about it!


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