10 Things I learned about Having Children from watching TV


10. You can just put your child into a playpen or with a babysitter for all hours and go on about your everyday life.

9.Your body goes back to normal within a week.

8.Birthing videos are not fun to watch.


7. You don’t have to sleep in the same bed to conceive a child.


6. Apparently the doctor is not required to tell the mom she’s having twins.


5. It’s acceptable to have 19 children but teach those children to have high morals and not kiss anyone until their wedding night.

4. A baby can be born in an elevator with no medical tools.


3. You can be a week late and still look like this:


2. The answer to how babies are born:


1. Babies will not be harmed if exposed to too much sunlight.


I think I’m ready!


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