Killing two birds with one stone, A #THURSDAYTEN And an epic #TBT. Enjoy!

10 #TBTs

For those of you who aren’t hip with modern day lingo like I am, TBT means throwback Thursday, or Truth be Told. Either way, here’s some photos/videos that fit both of those subjects. And the pound sign is like a hashtag, which means if you click on it, like all of the posts with that hashtag show up. Technology. ‘Merica!

Anyways, let’s get with the good stuff. (Keep in mind a lot of the pictures involve my wife. I’ve known her for 11 years, she had to make an impact some way).

10. Zip lining

Dropping off a ledge while hanging off a thin strap in a lush Hawaiian rainforest? Sign me up!

9. Wii would like to play…

83107 006 copy 3

Omg look how little my niece is!

8. My first Crumbs experience…

324992_908336265288_60700604_40295371_7468185_o copy

7. An artist’s interpretation…

charicature copy

I asked her how long she’s been drawing and she said about 10 seconds… :/

6. Donald, Johnald, Lisey, and Daisy

daisy and donald copy

I think it’s funny Lisa could probably fit in one of the costumes…haha

5. Goofballs

family 106 copy 2

Look how little again!

4. “I’ll be there for you…”

friends building copy

Yes, we’re huge FRIENDS nerds!

3. Ha-waii did we leave?! (sorry for that. I’m gonna nail those Dad jokes!)

IMG_1390 copy

Our first day in Hawaii, on our honeymoon 😀

2. Competitive Edge

John copy

I actually won 3rd place but they let me stand on the first place podium haha.

1. Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

REC-395 copy

Bustin’ moves at our wedding…

Awww memories…


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