10 Components of a Sitcom Friendship

Maybe somewhere down the road, I’ll discuss 10 Components of a Sitcom, but right now I’m discussing the friendships created in these shows and the themes that all of them seem to share.

10. The Outcast

In Friends, it’s Phoebe, Seinfeld has Elaine, That ‘70s show has Hyde, How I met Your Mother has Barney. This is basically the one friend that tells it like it is, informs others how their lives are messed up even though they don’t have a firm grasp on their own lives, and is basically the one you’re thinking Why do they even hang out with the rest of these guys? These guys are too cool for school, think they have more life experience than their cohorts, but also provide a sense of sentimentality and heart to the group dynamic. They make things funny because they’re not afraid to say the truth.

  1. The Dim Bulb

Every sitcom needs a “dumb” character to be the comedic relief. Sometimes they can surprise you and have a really good idea, but most of the time they’re just idiots.

  1. The Joke

Basically you need a screw up to take the fall or just have everything happen to them.

  1. The Romantic Interest

Usually a sitcom has both genders and eventually, at least two of the characters will have some kind of romantic storyline.

  1. The Lead

A sitcom usually centers around one person and his/her friends. It’s usually the main character that’s the most annoying though.

  1. The Line Deliverer

Basically, this is the one that gets most “quotable” lines, and where the laugh track lasts the longest. It could be something the character says or does but it’s the delivery that makes this character shine. Like when Kramer enters Jerry’s apartment, it’s more notable than anything.

  1. The Guest Star

You’ll eventually come across a guest star that’s related to the friends some how.

  1. The connection

There has to be some back story as to how they met or how they know each other. And basically, these sitcom friends usually can’t be friends with anyone else so we hope that there’s chemistry among the friends.

  1. The Shock

There has to be someone whom you wouldn’t expect to do something outlandish.

  1. The Underdog

There’s always one or two characters that you root for. Whether it’s starting a relationship, or getting a job, you cross your fingers for them and hope for the best.


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