Sorry for this a day late but I did have a special one for Halloween. It makes more sense to post it today anyways since today is Halloween. Enjoy!!

10 of my favorite Candies

Halloween’s here, so I thought I’d indulge you with my top ten list of my favorite candy in order from least favorite to all time favorite.

10. Butterfinger

I like it ‘cause it tastes delicious but it’s at number 10 ‘cause it’s crumbly and sticks to my teeth.

  1. Kit kats

They’re not really a candy bar but I had to throw these in ‘cause they’re awesome. I just discovered white chocolate kit kats and now I’m in Heaven.

  1. Crunch bars

I love the chocolate bars with crispies in them (see also Krackel) but they get eaten second when the top ones are gone.

  1. Baby Ruth

Kinda like a Payday but covered in chocolate. There’s something to be said about eating chocolate covered peanuts stuck together. It’s such a simple, tasty concoction.

  1. 3 Musketeers

The “healthier” candy bar, this is light and creamy and makes me feel good about myself when I eat it.

  1. Milky Way

This used to be my all time favorite candy bar, especially frozen, but it’s gradually gone down the list.

  1. Twix

Anything with caramel and chocolate is okay in my book.

  1. M&M’s

We’re talking more specifically, the peanut ones. One Christmas, I got M&M everything (pajama pants, mug, frame, etc.).

  1. Snickers

At one point I couldn’t leave a CVS without buying a Snickers. They’re always satisfying and know how to hit the spot. Especially after you had a crummy day.

  1. Reese’s                                                                                                                                                    Like there was any doubt, I love anything that marries peanut butter and chocolate. I like Reese’s peanut butter cups better than the Reese’s pieces but it’s all good to me!

And then I have Whoppers when all these are gone. That seems to be the one that’s always leftover.

What candies do you like? Leave a comment!


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