I didn’t really intend for this to be a #thursdayten list but it came to mind while balancing my checkbook. And I’m sure she’ll like a shoutout. Here goes:

10 Things I learned from my wife

By the way, it’s ingrained in a man’s DNA to be stubborn and not listen to good reason until it’s too late. So some things in this list are evident of that haha. Some things might be embarrassing but according to my wife, I don’t embarrass her sooooo we’ll see if she’s lying.

10. Keeping a checkbook

Let’s start with the precursor to this post. I’ve been having problems keeping track of my money and my wife has constantly told me to write it in a checkbook. Only until now have I been balancing and I have to say it’s working so far. Although I feel a little crestfallen when the number keeps going down. Destiny’s child was wondering who’s gonna pay their bills but they’re multi-million dollar singers so sing about something relatable, jerks!

9. Direct Deposit

While we’re on the subject of money, my wife was also the one who told me to get direct deposit.

8. Women are gassy.

She’ll probably kill me for posting this but for all those men that think women are majestic unicorns who don’t poop, pee, or fart … think again!

7. Amazon is a beautiful thing.

I’m not talking about gigantic warrior women (although they can be beautiful in their own right), but the website Amazon. My wife basically orders everything online (even donuts!) and after I met her, I became pseudo (except not pseudo) addicted to ordering things online. My mom actually yelled at me that I was ordering too much and I was like “You should see how much some people order!” I’ve toned down a lot once my priorities were put more in check and I had to pay for food and stuff :X

6. Disney is not all the way evil.

There are people who will tell you Disney is what’s wrong with the world but my wife is not this people. She already told me once the baby’s born, he or she will be introduced to all things Disney. We already have a Mickey Mouse and Pooh bear to thwart upon the unsuspecting kid πŸ˜€

5. There is one that exists that is more indecisive than I.

That sentence sounded really powerful. I imagined myself saying it in a British accent for some reason. You can say anything with a British accent and sound dignified. But yes, having her order from a Chinese take-out menu, forget it!! :p

4. I’m not that sentimental.

To be fair, I knew this a long time ago before I even met my wife. But what I learned is that there are people who want to save old school books instead of burning them like I did πŸ˜€

I’ve realized my wife and I are the same in the way that we don’t have much opinion on stuff unless it’s something we REALLY care about. The only difference is we care about different things. She’ll keep a ratty, worn Christmas stocking because she had it as long as she can remember but I’ve donated clothes to Good Will that I still wore! Oh well.

3. Harry Potter is life.

I met my wife in college and I knew two things about her. She liked Jalapeno peppers and she was obsessed with Harry Potter. Like OBSESSED. Like she knows what page something happens on, and it’s impossible to win an argument with her about things involving Harry Potter. She did tell me she liked the name Hermione for a girl :X

2. Teal is a color.

I still don’t really know what color teal is supposed to be because I’ll be like, “Hey, look. That’s teal.” and she’ll be like, “Actually, it’s more green than teal.” But I and my family and basically everyone who was at our wedding knows that teal is my wife’s favorite color and I refuse to paint the baby’s room that color πŸ˜€

1. We are right for each other

She knew from the start that I was the one for her but it took me a looonnggass time to realize that she was the one for me. Sometimes you have to have bad experiences to know what’s good when you see it. The one thing is that she stood by me even through those bad experiences. I don’t know what made her stick by me for so long, especially since I wasn’t that nice in the beginning, but I’m glad we’re where we are now. And I’m glad she’s still sticking by me. I’m a lot nicer to her now πŸ˜€

This took longer than I thought. Hope you enjoyed!


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