5 months down…

I haven’t really been posting many rants from the Daddy spectrum but it’s mostly ’cause in the second trimester, there’s a whole lot of nothing going on (at least for me). The only thing that continues to grow besides your baby is the neurosis of being a good parent and the impending things you have to do before the little one’s out of the womb.

Well I have to tell you, panic really slips away once you see your baby in an ultrasound. Aside from the panic that your baby looks like an alien-prehistoric-skeletor-baby at 5 months, seeing that little heart move and looking at little hands and feet is just so miraculous that you forget about all your worries. You find out everything looks normal or happening the way it should be (at least in our case) and it kind of tells you to pipe the fuck down. You’re having a baby. Your parents had at least one with much less and you turned out all right (although that’s subjective). It somehow becomes very real but for some reason, I was happy instead of scared. It was exciting to try to decipher the ultrasound.

Now we did find out the sex of the baby but I’m not going to disclose any information here. Just know that our baby is healthy and hopefully happy 😀

Now after finding out the sex of the baby, the immediate question is “Have you picked out names?” Do you know how DIFFICULT it is to pick out a name for a baby. Everything has a connotation with it and you want your baby to come out with a unique name that’s not too weird. I just went through a book but stopped at M ’cause I couldn’t take it anymore. At least not for tonight. I was told this is the easiest part though. The hardest part is when the baby’s out. And I can’t wait for those teenage years…

More to come hopefully but probably not until the baby’s ready to pop out ’cause like I said, your wife may be feeling and seeing all these changes but you’re basically sitting there twiddling your thumbs and trying not to name your kid something stupid.


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