Check your calendar, fools! Thanksgiving is next week so it’s time to figure out what you’re thankful for! I know I’m thankful for Thursday Tens! You can use that one if you can’t think of anything (although that’d be kinda sad) ;p

10 Things to be Thankful For (At least for Me)

  1. Itunes now lets you preview songs for at least half the song, which makes me feel a lot better about my downloading choices. 30 seconds is not enough to see if I like the song :p
  1. My wife lets me use her Starbucks card to buy myself a coffee (of course I had to get her one too).
  1. Amazon makes it reaaaallllyyy easy to return/replace stuff.
  1. DVDs take less time to come out now rather than a year like they used to.
  1. Genius Mixes. It thinks it knows me so well…and it may be right.
  1. My baby growing and developing healthy.
  1. My wife, family (new and old), and friends and their continued support and love.
  1. Making people laugh. Hopefully my baby thinks I’m funny too and it’s not just gas :/
  1. Good food especially mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie … but not together :p
  1. Technology so I can share all my thoughts without actually having to get up.

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for this year?


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