10 Annoying Customers at a Grocery Store


Yes, without customers you wouldn’t have a job blah blah blah. Well, the holiday season is upon us and grocery stores are filling up with the wrong kind of people. Starting with…

10. The Three Types of Baggers

Bagging groceries is essential to your grocery shopping experience. Most of the time, you’ll get normal people who bag their own groceries. Then you’ll get some other ones. Which category do you fall under?

Backseat Baggers: Like backseat drivers, backseat baggers will not bag their own groceries but tell you exactly what should go where , how many items should go in a bag, etc. You want to say “We can cut out the middleman and you can just bag these yourself,” but you just make this face behind their back instead:


Rebaggers: They will also not bag their own groceries, but rebag once you bagged for them.

Duds: They’ll just watch you bag for them and not help even if it takes you forever

9. The Abandoners

They just got to your line but forgot their wallet, forgot something on their list, need to use the bathroom. It’s like once they’re ready to checkout, a switch goes off and they just need to run away from their cart for a minute (or twelve).


8. The Face Ruiners

Everytime you face a section or pull something forward, a customer will take the thing you just worked on creating an eyesore in your section. Your face to them is: barney-frank-meme-generator-orly-thats-cool-76b08b but inside you’re like: frustrated

7. The Brick Walls

When you need to work a product, chances are there is a person right in front of the area you need to work. Oh that’s okay, take ten years to choose between orange juices, this box isn’t heavy…


6. People with bratty kids!

That’s it.

5. The Storytellers

I didn’t think my face looked like I cared but you can tell me your life story. I got time.


4. People who talk on their phone when they’re checking out.


3. People who ask if you work there.

No, I have the store’s uniform on and I’m just standing here for my health…


2. The Moving Brick Walls

Like Regular Brick Walls but mobile. Like when you’re in traffic and someone’s following you from the front.


1. The Flow Breakers

Oh, you have change JUST when I opened my drawer? You spill a whole display and walk away? You ask me where the apples are when I’m in the dairy section? Stop messing with my workflow!


Oh well, off to work.


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