#THURSDAY TEN (On Wednesday)

I contemplated doing a “Annoying Customers at a Grocery Store Part 2” ’cause there’s still a lot more, but I plan to be more positive around the holidays since it’s supposed to be a joyous time. Here are some of the things I love around Christmas and I’m posting on Wednesday ’cause I’ll be too busy Christmasing (a word, like Thanksgivinging) on Thursday. Later days!

10 of my favorite Christmas Traditions

10. Putting up ornaments

9. Holiday Movies

I probably annoyed my wife already by watching Home Alone like sixteen times.

Mac Culkin Home Alone 3

8. Spending time with family

Especially since I live in another state from my family, it’s nice to spend time with them around the holidays. They’re even coming to visit ME this year so I consider that a Christmas miracle 😉

7. Christmas cookies

My mom never baked any treats when I was young so of course I married into a family where my mother-in-law makes cookies around Christmas. They’re even the favorites of my nieces!

6. “O Holy Night”

A lot of people detest Christmas carols, especially if you work in retail, but I actually like them. My favorite is “O Holy Night” which was the only reason I liked going to church on Christmas ’cause the priest would always sing it. I even make a holiday CD for my friends/family every year which started out because I was too broke to buy real presents haha.

5. Giving Presents

I’m always weird when receiving presents, but I love giving presents. I try to be thoughtful and think outside the box and seeing people’s faces light up! Oh what a magical time!

4. Receiving Christmas Cards

I’m not too keen on writing out Christmas cards and sending them out but I always like getting them in the mail. Especially the ones with babies on ’em. Despite what I just said, we’ll most likely be sending one of those out next year ;D

3. Advent Calendar

I never really utilized the advent calendar growing up. It’s become more of a tradition now that I’m an adult, oddly enough. My wife and I alternate days, and now we can bring the baby into the mix. He’s my kid, so he’ll most likely appreciate chocolate.

2. A real tree

This has become more of a tradition since I met my wife, since my family always uses a fake tree. I’ve become accustomed to getting a real tree and enjoying the smell and all the pine needles on my living room floor. I remember what a pain it is to put up a fake tree, and the real one’s not too much of a pain, aside from the mess.

1. Stockings

This became more of a tradition since I married into a family that wasn’t a bunch of Scrooges on Christmas. I always like getting a chocolate orange in my stocking. It reminds me of a simpler time 😀

Those are some of my favorite Christmas traditions! What are yours?

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!


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