So I missed a Thursday Ten on an actual Thursday. Did you notice?

10 Things Wrong with the Fresh Prince theme song

So The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is on Nick & Nite now and you know if you’re a kid who grew up in the ’90s, you can’t hear “This is a story all about how…” without finishing the rest. Well it got me to thinking that some stuff doesn’t make sense. Here it goes…

10. Will’s Mama

First off, Will’s mom in the show is not the one in the credits. And why’s she wearing a shower cap? And she doesn’t look scared, she looks angry, and why is her house have graffiti all over it?


So your kid gets into a fight so you’re like, Ok go live with my sister who turned out to be rich and doesn’t give me a dime. I’ll stay here in the projects instead of coming with you.


9. A couple of guys?

A couple is two. I count five budddy. And the basketball barely even hits them. It’s not like it knocked their super cool boombox and disrupted their jams. BY THE WAY, why are these thugs hanging out in a school playground? No surprise Will’s basketball career wasn’t written into the show.


8. 7 or 8?

He pulls to the house about 7 or 8 but it’s not even dark outside! Is there no night time in California?

7. No free rides.

He doesn’t pay for that cab ride. He basically just tells the driver to take a shower.


6. One suitcase.

If you’re staying indefinitely, don’t you think you’d pack more than some jammies and a toothbrush?


5. One Little Fight

It doesn’t look like much of a fight. This gif actually looks like it might be fun. PLUS they didn’t actually see who threw the basketball. Why pick on him?


4. I think why we know now why they call him Jazz.fresh7

3. Will’s throne.

He says he can’t wait to sit on the throne as the fresh prince, but he’s clearly already in the throne.


2. The cab.

When you whistle, I’m pretty sure a cab doesn’t magically appear. Plus, if the Banks are so rich, why didn’t they provide a car service for Will or something. He had to take some sketchy cab ride with a smelly driver.

1. Fresh Prince

What does that even mean? His family isn’t royalty. Oh well…


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