10 Trips Down Memory Lane

Facebook is good to document your past and I just got to thinking how different I was 10 years ago, and how so much has changed. So here goes.

10. 2005

I was nearing graduating college, my niece Gabriella was born, and I was pretty much naïve about everything. I decided that I was so miserable in high school that I wanted to change my image a little bit in college and be more outgoing/forward. I was able to make good friends and although I’m still a little bit introverted, I think I changed a lot about my views and personality since this time.

9. 2006

I graduated college, still talking to some people whom I don’t speak with anymore, and apparently I dyed my hair (I forgot about that).

8. 2007

A tad depressed probably because my job situation was faltering, but I went to a Killers concert! That’s when they were popular apparently…

7. 2008

I was determined to make this year different than the last year (not sure if was better). The Dark Knight came out that year, which is essentially one of two Batman movies I’ve seen in my life. I also got an iPod touch which I was excited about because I now could listen to my own music at the gym, but now it doesn’t work anymore.

6. 2009

This was a pretty good year. I think it was my first time doing my family’s annual pumpkin carving, went to Six Flags with my best friend (now my wife) for the first time since it was called Riverside, went to New Hampshire as part of a “staycation,” went bowling, and I believe that’s the year I got an iMac and was first introduced to iMovie.

5. 2010

I started dating my best friend, spent my first Christmas Eve with her family, got my wisdom teeth taken out the day after my birthday, saw Lifehouse, went to Portugal, and the Big E. Not all in that order.

4. 2011

Fell in love with my first iphone! Went to Dave & Busters for my birthday, moved in to the house I live in now, had my first Crumbs cupcake and walked on the Brooklyn bridge for the first time.

3. 2012

Went to a Backstreet Boys concert because I love my girl, had a job taking pictures of kids with Santa Claus, joined Pinterest, got engaged, got a Wii U, and met my newborn nephew.

2. 2013

Got married, went to Hawaii for a little thing called a honeymoon, started working at the job I’m working at now, and hosted Thanksgiving (for the first and last time).

1. 2014

Expecting a baby boy! My family actually came my way to celebrate Christmas (which I called a Christmas miracle), both of our moms turned 60, my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, went to Disney World for the third time in my life, celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary, went to NH and went through the “hick” experience, and went to see my favorite band in concert.

So a lot has changed from 10 years ago, but they say you shouldn’t dwell on the past and just look forward to the future. I’d have to say the more recent years are my best and I can only hope that it’s gonna get better from here. Bring it on, Future!


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