10 Things I Put Together For the Baby (Ranking from Least Difficult to Most Difficult)

Part of being a new Dad means you’re the go to guy for assembling shit. This, you’ll come to find out, is a lot more difficult and a lot less fun than making the baby. But it’s all worth it when your little bundle of joy comes out and you get to see your handiwork in full effect.

(FYI: Today’s the due date so he could come at any time now!)

10. The Mobile

Some books say a mobile is a waste of money and a better way to stimulate your baby is have a stuffed animal near him that plays music or gives off light (we have one of those too)! You might think a mobile just pulls out of the package ready to go but there was some assembly required. Fortunately enough, it was a cinch to figure out and attach to the crib. We even have little Simbas and Nalas hanging off it! Lion King for the win!

9. The Side Table

A place to put your 3 AM coffee, What to Expect when You’re Expecting, or your camera for those too cute pics, a side table is a good addition to a nursery. This wasn’t as hard to figure out and most side tables I put together. And the directions were pretty straightforward without too much looking at the diagram, then at the table, then back at the diagram…

8. The Lamp

Since there’s a cord running through all the parts of the lamp, it took a little bit of maneuvering but it honestly didn’t take that long to put together and there were no need for a screwdriver or other nonsense.

7. The Curtains/Stroller

I didn’t want to add an eleventh thing (because there’s a lot more than ten things I’m going to be putting together), so I combined these two seeing as how they had about the same level of difficulty. As you can see they’re kind of in the middle of the road. Curtains are always a bitch to put up but since I already had the holes up from the previous curtain rod holder, it didn’t require much measuring. I did have to take a trip to Babies R Us (our main mecca for a few months) solely to buy the curtain rod that attached to the oh so cute monkey ends. The stroller was a little more involved but the directions were pretty clear cut, and I sort of figured things out on my own.

6. The Crib

This was the first thing I put together for the nursery. It was definitely difficult for one person to accomplish. At one point, I had to have my pregnant wife help hold a piece of it, so another piece wouldn’t topple over when I screwed it in. All in all, it was a pretty easy thing to assemble. It was just very time consuming.

5. The Rocking Chair

The rocking chair was pretty simple to figure out but like the crib, a little time consuming. There was also one cushion that kept coming off the arm when I tried to strap it on so that was a little frustrating.

4. The Rocking Bouncy Seat Thing

In my day, Bouncy Seats were these cheap looking seat things that you had to manually rock and some of the fancy ones came with a vibrating mechanism. Well now they have ones that rock by themselves and play music or nature sounds AND have the vibrations. The directions looked liked they were on a newspaper instead of a convenient pamphlet/book and the pictures were not that helpful. It took a couple of tries and a few moments where I felt that I was doing it wrong, but all in all I figured it out and I hope my baby likes this contraption ’cause I went to hell and back trying to piece it together.

 3. The Ottoman

You wouldn’t think the ottoman would be more difficult than the rocking chair but this thing was a big pain in the ass. The directions were confusing and it took a surprisingly longer time to put together than the rocker.

2. The Car Seat

Technically, the car seat’s already put together. The difficult part was trying to attach the base in the car. There’s some high statistic of people who attach the car seat incorrectly, and I would have been part of that statistic had it not been for my wife’s brother in law. Even for someone who’s had experience attaching these confounded things, he still struggled. Not to mention it was pouring down rain. The car seat easily attaches to the base but putting the base in there is something I don’t want to relive for a while.

1. The Bassinet

Now you’re probably thinking, what’s so hard about putting together a bassinet? Um…everything. Taking all the stuff off to wash was a cinch but remembering how it all went back on was an experience. It probably took an hour or more and there were many times I had to undo what I just did. No wonder when my sister in law got it, it was already put together.

What did you find most difficult/least difficult to put together for the baby? Leave a comment!


3 responses to “#THURSDAY TEN

  1. Yeah… that bassinet was so NOT put together when I got it. I put it together, pregnant and all. Good times. Good times.

  2. The hardest thing for us was the crib- we almost took the damn thing back to the store because it just didn’t quite fit together right… Ha, turns out we had one piece going the wrong way & after flipping it, we got it assembled right away.
    The car seat wasn’t something we messed with- Danbury PD does installs!

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