10 MORE Annoying Customers in a Grocery Store

In case you missed it, here’s the first part: 10 Annoying Customers at a Grocery Store

10. The High Rollers

You’re buying a loaf of bread and handed me a hundred dollar bill? I just started my register and I don’t have change for that shit.

9. The “I Didn’t See Your Hand There” People

I don’t mind if the change is 67 cents and you want to pay that but put it in my f*ckin’ hand. Oh your hand is outstretched to receive the change? Let me put it on the counter so I can watch you struggle trying to pick it up.

8. The Stubborn Wanderers

This person is clearly lost, refuses to ask for help, and when you ask if there’s anything you can help with they say they’re just browsing. I’m sure they’ll find the milk soon enough, but I coulda told you they’re nowhere near the toilet paper.

7. The Lazies

These are the people that see where the product’s supposed to go, but put it on the shelf below it or put frozen pasta in the potato chip aisle.

6. The Kids Who try to “help” scan

Let me watch paint dry. It might go by faster. Wait, I gotta punch in the produce, quit scanning shit!

 5. The Oldies

I don’t know how this new fangled debit contraption works. Why does it say I need a pin? What’s that?

Ma’am that’s a credit card.

Oh it has the same letters. I don’t have my glasses.

Another thing I don’t understand, if you need glasses, f*cking wear them.

4. The Crapshoots

I’m looking for this thing that tastes like salty… or maybe it’s sweet … and it’s really good, I bought it here a month ago! It’s like purple… or red. Do you have that?

Say what?

3. The Deafies

“Hi, how are you doing?” “Can I help you find something?” “Ok, Just ignore me.”

2. The Invisibles

I have to check on that, but I’ll be right back. And when you do come back, they just disappear. Oh well, I’ll let you come to ME if it’s that important.

1. The Entitled

Walks up to you putting out bananas and insists there’s riper ones in the back. Don’t you think the bananas in the back are the exact same as the ones I’m putting out? These are also the ones who take stuff off what you’re putting out instead of taking it on the shelf, because it HAS to be fresher.

I don’t have to time to put funny gifs and pics so this post can all be summed up with this picture:



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