10 Baby Myths (THURSDAY TEN)

10 Baby Myths (At Least For Me)

  1. “Sleep when the Baby Sleeps”

When your baby sleeps, there is no doubt that you want to nod off yourself. However, there’s that pesky house that needs cleaning, and don’t forget you need some alone time to cry about how much daycare is costing you. Your baby sleeping is not incentive to pass out as well; it’s a tiny window to get things done that you’ve been neglecting.

  1. “The Swing is a Godsend”

Uh…negative. My baby hates the swing but I’m sure it works for other people.

  1. “The Peepee Teepee is Unnecessary”

If you have a boy, this is a pretty big lifesaver. There were times where I didn’t use it and was quick enough with covering the peepee, but I have also been peed on. The pee comes with no warning, and the teepee did save me from having a urine-laden changing station multiple times.

  1. “You Drop off the Face of the Earth”

I always thought when people have babies they start to lose touch with you. I found out that it’s other people (outside of your family) that mysteriously disappear when you have a baby. You have those friends that say they want to see the baby but when you ask when they should visit, they’re busy every weekend. It’s not that you drop off the face of the Earth to your friends, it’s that having a baby immediately turns you into a pariah.

  1. “You will hear your child in the middle of the night”

This may be true for moms because they have that switch that goes off the second your child opens his eyes, but if you’re a heavy sleeper like me, you may not always hear your baby even when they’re screaming. But for some reason, I ALWAYS hear my wife tell me to get up haha.

  1. “Keep your baby on a schedule”

Your baby is pretty much running the shots now and he’s not going to do the same thing every day. Your baby’s eating might run on a consistent time one day, but the next day it’ll be haywire. Once you try to get a bedtime routine down, that all goes out the window when he’s hungry at the time you usually put him in his pajamas. Maybe when your kid’s older, it’s easier to get into a rhythm but for now, you just gotta deal with it.

  1. “You’re Doing It Wrong”

There’s no one right way to do something. Do you think your baby’s gonna care if you don’t know how to swaddle? It’s okay to do something for the best interest of your baby (breastfeeding, buying eco-friendly baby wipes, blah blah blah) but just think about what your parents must have done when you were a baby with a lot less technology/help/products and you turned out (mostly) okay. People have been taking care of babies for zillions of years and just because it’s not what Dr. so and so says doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Do what works for you and your baby and just strive to keep him alive.

  1. “Those classes will prepare you”

Our “Baby Basics” class was cancelled because of a snowstorm so we never really did get that crash course on how to swaddle/change a diaper. And we never even took that Lamaze class. A. I heard that when you’re in the actual delivery room all that rhythmic breathing nonsense goes out the window, and B. If you don’t even have to push (ie. A c-section), all those classes will go to waste. Plus, nothing can prepare you for the actual baby. Even if you think you’re ready, you most likely aren’t.

  1. “They’ll cramp your lifestyle”

I’m sure this is true for most folks, but you kinda have to have a life for a baby to cramp. The only thing I really had to adjust to was my sleep schedule. And I do wish I could go out to the movies or dinner but I’m more of a homebody and there’s nothing like spending quality time with your little nugget. You may be delayed with your favorite shows and you may have to make the Sophie’s Choice of eating or sleeping, but you WILL get to do stuff again.

  1. “I won’t be one of those parents”

Chances are, you will. I decided I wasn’t going to use baby talk or get frustrated with my baby and I’ve already done both. Your plan before you have a baby of what kind of parent you want to be will probably change throughout the three months. No matter what kind of parent you THINK you’re going to be, always strive to be a GOOD one.


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