10 Faces We Know All Too Well (THURSDAY TEN)

10 Faces We Know All Too Well

Admit it! You’ve made at least one of these faces at some point in your life.

10. The FML


When you just sat on the toilet and realize you forgot your phone.

When you JUST put a new diaper on your baby and he decides to soil it.

When your teacher assigns you homework on your break.

When you look at the alarm and realize it’s NOT your day off.

When they give you four chicken nuggets instead of six.

9. The “Are You Kidding Me?”


What do I pick when I have the choice between an apple and a candy bar?

You took up TWO parking spaces, you butt munch!

You’re writing a check for that pack of gum?

I’m sorry, did you ask if I wanted to join you for a run?

You couldn’t refill the toilet paper roll? OR the tissues? (based on a true story)

8. The Stink Eye


When your friend names their son Bob but spells it with a silent E at the end.

When you do all the work but someone else gets the credit.

When you’re watching a movie and the power goes out.

When you’re on the treadmill and someone fitter goes on the one next to you.

When you studied for a test and still fail.

7. The Weeper


When you won 50 bucks but accidentally ran the scratch ticket in the wash.

When you realize people you talk to have never heard of Teddy Ruxpin.

When the song “In the Arms of an Angel” comes on and you instantly think about dying puppies.

When you’re writing your checkbook and keep seeing the amount go down.

When you’re stuck in traffic for no reason (most often the case).

6. The Blank Stare


When you go to work and realize it’s your day off.

When you spent all night perfecting your bust of Abraham Lincoln and it smashes to the ground right when you get to school.

When the ending of the movie is that it was all a dream.

When someone asks if they can have some of your food.

When you ask if a 20 dollar bill’s okay for cash back and they say ok, you close your drawer and they ask for two tens.

5. The Worrier


I shouldn’t have had that third slice of cake.

I hope Sandy didn’t take the word “slut” the wrong way.

If I go to sleep now, I hope I can function tomorrow.

I hope the people in this elevator don’t realize I was the one who farted.

It looks like it’s raining; I hope my windows are closed.

4. The Shock


When it was a little more than a fart and there’s no bathroom in sight.

When you didn’t do the assignment and your teacher calls on you.

When your mom finds your magazines under your bed.

When you just closed out of Word and didn’t hit save.

When you look at your alarm and realize you’re LATE!

3. The “Rock On!”


Your kid went to sleep at 8:30 and slept through the night.

You put one dollar in the vending machine but two treats come out.

You’re doing a lot better in life than your ex.

You got to your destination with your gas gauge on E.

You look at your alarm and realize it IS your day off.

2. The Derp


When you’re taking a test and your teacher says, “Time’s Up!”

When you’re playing Words with Friends and you have 2 Vs, a Z, 3 Is, and a P.

When you watch Naked and Afraid for the butts but a giant spider comes on the screen.

When you see your ex with someone better looking than you.

When someone tells you, “Maybe you should have a salad instead.

1.The Tongue Biter


When your wife asks if she looks fat in that dress.

When someone tells you that their big toe talks to them.

When you didn’t see Star Wars but saw Spaceballs.

When your doctor asks if you exercise regularly.

When someone pronounces it Febuary.


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