10 ’90s Game Shows You Wish You Were On (THURSDAY TEN)

10 ’90s Game Shows You Wish You Were On

10. GUTS!

You were watching Nickelodeon one day and thought, Hey! I am a kid with no remarkable athletic ability or upper body strength like these kids. Why can’t I be on this show? Probably ’cause it was a lot easier to watch other kids having fun and exerting physical energy while you sat on the couch eating your Dunkaroos. You know you just wanted to climb that glorious Aggro Krag at the end!


9. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

I probably wouldn’t be good on this show because I’m kind of a dope with geography, but it was a fun mix of trivia and a little bit of detective work. You know you could’ve solved the case better than those “super sleuths” and it always got intense watching the bonus round. However, if you won the game, you got to go on a trip to wherever you wanted. Pretty sweet!

Carmen Sandiego

8. Double Dare!

You really just wanted to do the obstacle course at the end, and the physical challenges were way better than just doing a question and answer game. What sound does a cat make? Um…I’d like to take the physical challenge!


7. Figure it Out!

You couldn’t be on the panel because that was reserved for Nick’s pseudo-celebrities. But you liked to play along with the panelists and tried to figure out the contestant’s hidden talent (which usually wasn’t that impressive). The secret slime action is being a washed up star from All That!


6. Get the Picture

Mike O’ Malley was in his prime hosting two game shows! Get the Picture was basically a show where if you got a trivia question right, you’d get to pick a square on the board. The square would reveal a portion of a giant photo. If you could guess what the photo was, you’d get points. It was a pretty simple game with no real skill other than a little knowledge of useless information and being able to discern a photo from dots.


5. Nick Arcade

Finally, a show for kids that promoted playing video games! You just really wanted to go all the way to the end where you could take on a virtual reality. That seems like nothing now seeing as how technology has advanced so much, but in the ’90s, that was the coolest thing ever!


4. Legends of the Hidden Temple

You just wanted to be on this show for the obstacle course, and you could definitely show a kid a thing or two about putting the silver monkey together. Just watch out for the temple guard!


3. Supermarket Sweep

A show that made grocery shopping actually fun. All you needed was a little food knowledge and the ability to don tacky matching sweaters. The main incentive for the show was the “spree” at the end, where you had to pick up big ticket items in a short amount of time. Nowadays, grocery shopping is a laborious chore but in the ’90s, when you heard the beep, it was time for Supermarket Sweep!


2. Wild ‘n Crazy Kids

This show looked more fun than a pie in the face! It was all about kids doing nothing except wild stunts for no real point other than the glory and getting dirty. It was just kids being kids and you so wanted to be a part of it!


1.What Would You Do?

No, not the show with John Quinones. This was a show with more levity and a lot more pie filling. It was the same concept providing scenarios and seeing how people would act but it was just another culmination of nonsense hosted by Marc Summers!


Did you want to be on any of these shows? Leave a comment!


One response to “10 ’90s Game Shows You Wish You Were On (THURSDAY TEN)

  1. I tried out for Carmen Sandiego and *almost* made it. My friend actually made it to the bonus round. 🙂 Supermarket Sweep was the best and then Shop til you Drop was on right after.

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