10 Times Friends Got Too Real (Thursday Ten)

10 Times Friends Got Too Real!

The show Friends was mainly geared for laughs, but there were some dramatic elements thrown in that made you think, What the heck…I didn’t want the feels.

  1. The One With the Outcome of the Fertility Test


We definitely empathized with Chandler and Monica the moment we found out they couldn’t naturally conceive a child. Monica, who always wanted a child, and Chandler, who vowed to make Monica happy, both had their entire life goals shattered by a single phone call. In the end, they were able to adopt but before you knew what happened, at this moment, your heart broke a little bit.

  1. The One Where Phoebe has to say goodbye to the triplets.


This was always one of my favorite moments of Friends. Phoebe seldom had tender moments, and this shows a new side to her where you think she’s a flighty hippie, but in reality she’s a person with emotions like anyone else. And I think that’s why she was friends with the others even though she didn’t really fit in with her new age ways. She had heart and it was definitely made evident with this moment.

8. The One Where Rachel Finally Has Her Baby


The majority of dramatic moments in Friends came from Ross and Rachel’s relationship. If Ross would get his shit together, they could live happily ever after and everything would be wrapped up neatly. Even though this was a sitcom that didn’t really exemplify real life, relationship drama is always an example of real life and these two portrayed that beautifully. It was in this scene that the jokes stopped for a minute, and you got a sweet moment that can only be brought out by having a baby.

7. The One When Phoebe Meets Her Dad


Another rare moment for Phoebe, when she finally meets the dad that abandoned her and her family. There’s some funny parts because you find out her dad is just as flaky as she is, but you can see Phoebe’s trying to keep it cool when in reality she’s filled with resentment.

6. The One with the Break Up


The writers liked to toy around with Ross and Rachel’s emotions, as well as our own, and a good example of that was when we had a whole episode of their entire relationship depleting.

5. The One Where Chandler Proposes


This episode is actually called The One With the Proposal, but I’m actually talking about this particular scene when he actually does the proposing. What he says is very sweet and it’s a very vulnerable moment for both of them.

4. The One When Rachel is Pregnant


When you first find out it’s actually Rachel’s pregnancy test and see the look of panic on their face, your emotions start to spiral out of control.

3. The One Where She got off the plane


The “Will they, won’t they” relationship ultimately ended in a “They Will!” and it was nice that all the loose ends were tied together. Except when Rachel immediately regretted her decision when Ross made a “We were on a break” joke. Ross is a bonehead haha.

2. The One Where Chandler Kisses Kathy


Friends crossing the line with other friends significant others is a big no no. You started to feel for Joey and Chandler’s bromance when this happened.

1.The One with the Frame


The last shot of the apartment definitely got you in the ol’ pumper.

I wonder why there weren’t any tender moments with Joey, haha.


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