10 Baby Things You REALLY need (John’s Hit List)

I started to write about “baby truths” but it started to sound like a therapy session, so I’ll go with something a little more light hearted that I’ve also been thinking about. A lot of the time, your baby will end up with erroneous stuff that you don’t seem to remember having as a kid. These things, in my opinion, are things you should always have on hand.

10. A tiny screwdriver

It’s inevitable. Your baby will have a toy that requires batteries or moving parts. Even if it’s just one thing, a lot of the times you’ll realize toys made for babies have annoying tiny screws for the battery compartments. But don’t fret, they make tiny screwdrivers! I actually bought one probably for a non-baby related tiny screw but they do come in handy … because you’ll be changing batteries a lot. Which brings me to:

9. Weird Sized Batteries

Now that you’ve opened the battery compartment with your trusty tiny screwdriver, you’ll come to find out that your baby’s toy most likely contains a battery that you don’t have. Most of the time, they’re triple A (which is annoying because nothing else takes triple A batteries), and sometimes it’ll ask you for a weirdly shaped battery that you have to go to three stores just to find. Word to the wise, if something requires batteries, give that battery along with the gift. It’s only a courtesy 😀

8. A Phillips Head Screwdriver

This tool is most likely the one that you’ll be using to put shit together. The crib, the high chair, the toy chest. These things most likely have things that screw into other things (I’ll wait until you make your joke) and that screw most likely necessitates a Phillips Head.


Just in case you didn’t know what that looked like.

7. A good washing machine.

You will be doing laundry. A LOT. And most of the time, it won’t be yours.

6. Patience.


Especially when feeding them 😀

5. An outlet.

Even if it’s taking a shower, going out with friends, going to the gym, or going for a drive by yourself, you’re gonna need something that gives you solace or you’ll go crazy.


Maybe not THAT crazy…

4. A camera

Never miss a moment with your child. I’ve been told by some parents that they regret not taking enough pictures/videos when their child was a baby. It goes by fast and he/she will appreciate looking at old photos/videos when their older. I’m not saying you should take a picture with everything they do and it doesn’t always have to be shared (although if you have a cute baby, why keep them to yourself), but it’s nice to have some remembrance of it being all worth it.

3. Support

Even if it’s support from your spouse looking after the child so you can take a shower, or cry, or anyone who’s willing to listen to you share stories about how your kid blinked today. Take the help when needed. Letting someone give you a break doesn’t make you a bad parent (unless you get in your car and don’t come back). Not a lot of people can get support when they have children. So when you find someone who wants to know if Baby’s diaper rash cleared up, hold onto that person and never let go.


I assume it’s not a spoiler when the movie’s 19 years old 😉


2. Toys with an off switch


1.Love and Laughter

Ok, I kinda cheated with two things. It sounds corny but love is an essential part of being a parent. It will be difficult and exhausting, especially if you want to be a responsible parent, but when your baby can recognize your love and show it back, it makes it all worth it. And you may lock yourself out of the house, or forget to bring diapers to daycare, or even want to just book a flight to Hawaii and have someone watch your kid for a week (or seven), but you’ll need to learn to laugh about things or else it’s gonna be a pretty stressful existence. And your baby will pick up on that stress and that’s not good. 😀


Hope this helps! Babies are great 😀







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