Baby Observations (11 Months)

So your baby’s going to turn one next month! How did that happen?!

You’re happy with all the learning and developing he’s doing, while at the same time wishing he’d stop this growing up nonsense. Here are some things I observed.

10. If your baby actually sleeps in the daytime for more than 20 minutes, you have to turbo charge and tackle the things you’ve been neglecting for weeks months. Even though he’s been napping for a while, your baby’s still a ticking time bomb and you have no idea if he’s going to wake up while you’re elbow deep in the toilet bowl. Most of this time will be devoted to decompressing. I have the sheets in the dryer, I ate lunch, washed the bottles, and still have time to sit down with a magazine, snack, and laptop. It’s weird, I’m sure there’s tons of stuff to do but all I really want to do is lie on the floor in the fetal position for a while.

9. You’ll find yourself desensitized to your kids’ things that would drive an average person nuts. I’ve left on an Alvin & the chipmunks cd in my car sans baby, and as I’m typing this, Paw Patrol is currently on with no one to watch.

8. When encountering a parent with a screaming baby at the grocery store, or anywhere, you give a sympathetic nod but it really stops there. You feel for the other parents but you really don’t care about a crying child unless it’s your own.

7. Your personal hygiene might take a bit of a hit. Sometimes you’ll have to decide if you should take a shower with your baby screaming or just be smelly for a day to keep him happy.

6. Speaking of shower, when your baby is sleeping, this is the time to do that pesky hygiene thing (if not done already). If he’s managed to stay in the crib, you jet to that bathroom. Also, this may be your only sanctuary so it’s only natural to soak up a little bit of water for longer. It’s kind of a sad truth when your number 2 is the only break you get from the baby.

5. You’ll brag about weird things like when he finally takes a few steps or when he claps his hands.

4. There are a lot of options for baby food.

3. Sometimes if you’re doubting yourself, you can always assure yourself while watching Supernanny.

2. The vacuum, which used to comfort your baby to sleep, now only terrorizes him.

1. Your baby can give you sass at this age.



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