10 Things Wrong With Home Alone (THURSDAY TEN)


10 Things Wrong with Home Alone


So as my wife might tell you, my favorite holiday movie is Home Alone. Every time it’s on, I must watch it and even if it plays back to back, I watch it again. It’s not even like it’s a good movie. I think it just makes me feel sentimental, especially with the holidays being my favorite time of the year. With that being sad, there have been several flaws in this movie that I’m going to point out but it’ll still be my favorite.


  1. The headcount


Introducing Mitch Murphy as a random kid whose sole purpose is to make the head count accurate. But even if Mitch was counted as Kevin, Heather counts herself twice and still comes up with 11. Obviously the oldest of the group, but doesn’t know how to count.



  1. Harry and Marv would’ve died



There’d be no sequel because considering all the booby traps that they endured (even falling down the stairs) would result in death.


  1. Cheese Pizza



I have a theory that everything could’ve been avoided if he just got a cheese pizza. If Buzz wasn’t an asshole, then Kevin wouldn’t push him into the milk, making a mess, they wouldn’t have thrown out his ticket, and he wouldn’t have to sleep in the attic and be forgotten. Who’s with me on this?


  1. Old Man Marley


A few questions come to mind with the neighbor. After having a talk in the church and finding out Marley is nice, he never once asks for help or mentions that he’s home alone. How did the man know where Kevin was at the exact moment he was caught by the two thieves? And why didn’t he take him back to his house or stay with him? He just left him back in his house by himself.


  1. They don’t try to steal anything.


Maybe they’re too distracted by the booby traps?


  1. He doesn’t get to finish his mac and cheese.



And it looked really good too.


  1. The police.


They don’t really seem too concerned about a missing child, plus they take their sweet time from the time Kevin calls 9 – 1 – 1 to the time they nab the Wet Bandits. Plus, they were aware of a boy who was home alone, they didn’t think to check on him or keep him in custody and notify the mom?


3. They don’t check the tickets


This wouldn’t fly (no pun intended) nowadays. I wonder if they show this to TSA agents as their training on what not to do.

  1. Buzz’s room


It seems odd that Buzz’s room is the only room that was still messed up when that happened days before, and Kevin was able to clean up the entire booby trap mess the night before Christmas.


  1. Kevin’s resourcefulness

An 8 year old who can’t tie his shoes, or pack a suitcase is able to construct all the booby traps, do laundry, go grocery shopping, and order a pizza. Plus, he even planned to call 9-1-1 and give them the address of the house he was going to run to. And where’d he get those mannequins from?



What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Leave a comment!


Mac Culkin Home Alone 3





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