Terms you Need to Stop Saying (John’s Hit List)

Hey, guys!

You MUST be wondering What happened to the Thursday Tens? I don’t understand how bloggers whose posts revolve around their kids have the time to talk about their kids. My 10 month old keeps me on my toes, but when he goes to sleep, I’d rather grab a few Z’s myself than turn on my computer and post a blog that literally has no benefit other than getting my thoughts into somewhere, so they don’t just float away forgotten. I want my neuroses documented, damnit! Alas, here I am with top ten lists constantly flooding into my head. Since I decided at this moment that these lists don’t necessarily have to be on a Thursday, and they’re probably not going to be every month, I’m renaming these lists “John’s Hit List.” It’s still going to be under the “Thursday Tens” category so I can find it easy, and I’m too lazy to change it or make a new one. Enjoy.

10 Terms You Need to Stop Saying

In light of a conversation I just had with my wife where we didn’t exactly know how to use the word “bae” correctly, I kept a running list in my head of words or phrases that need to be eliminated from this generation’s vocabulary immediately. In no particular order:

10. Bae

The inspiration for this post, the word “bae” has become popular for reasons unknown. Through an educated guess (I’m too apathetic to see what it really means), I can only deduce that it’s short for “babe.” It’s used to express a term of endearment for your significant other. This generation has become so lazy that they made an already short word even shorter. I just have a feeling someone tried typing “babe” on their iphone and misspelled it.

9. Netflix and chill

Can no one watch a movie anymore without sexual undertones? In my day, it was called a “booty call.” What a passive aggressive way to say “Hey, I like you. Let’s pretend to watch a movie while we hook up.”

8. AF

I think this is short for “as fuck” like, OMG you’re stupid AF and you talk like an idiot.

7. On Fleek


6. Dilligaf?

Sounding like a character from Middle Earth, dilligaf is an unnecessary acronym for “Do I look like I give a fuck?” Why go through all the trouble figuring out what letters to use every time and just make this face to everything:


5. Millenials

Millenials refers to the “privileged” generation that’s somewhat targeted in this post. I think I’m technically one but I don’t believe I fit in this category.

4. Whip and Nae Nae

From my understanding, this is reference to a silly dance where first, you look like you’re punching someone while on the toilet, and subsequently waving a fly from your face. This song just needs to go where “Mambo Number 5” went to rest. I don’t know what these words mean. The last time I checked, this is “whip” and “nae nae”

By the way, try not to just google the word “naked”

3. I Ship It

So when you want to profess your love for an imaginary couple, you use this phrase. What’s the point?


2. Squad

I guess this refers to your clique or group of friends and when you aspire to be like one of them, it’s called “squad goals.” My only goal is to get this word to stop being in use unless you’re referring to a group of cheerleaders.



To express a high level of approval. Why can’t we just say Yes like olden times. Apparently, the more A’s, the more you approve. To this, I say NAAAAS.


And the majority won’t get that reference.

Ugh, I’m feeling pretty old right now. Good night 😀





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