10 Spoilers

You’ve been warned.

10. LOST

It starts out with a plane crash and several survivors who universally have a ton of issues, and whose lives are coincidentally interconnected pre-island. Later on, we discover the plot is less about the plane crash, and more about the relationships of these people. We meet the mysterious Jacob, who is the protector of the island, and is looking for someone to pass the torch. He enlists these survivors as his “candidates” and Jack becomes the next protector. Eventually, the candidates all meet at some agreed upon limbo where they enter Heaven together, and Jack’s eye closes at the very last scene.

9. How I Met Your Mother

We hear the older Ted Mosby (but the voice actually belongs to Bob Saget) telling his kids the elongated story of how he met the mother. He could have cut to the chase and described the wedding, but instead he tells them cockamamie stories about things he and his friends encountered, one of whom is Robin, the love of Ted’s life. We learn early on that Robin is NOT the mother. Anyways, by the end, we learn that the mother Ted is describing is some no name who actually died from a mysterious illness, and the kids urge him to go out with Robin. And that’s where it ends.

8. Dexter

La Guerta dies.

Debra dies.

Dexter drives his boat into a terrible storm, but seemingly makes it out alive and left his “happy ending” behind and is living miserably as a lumberjack. He believes he doesn’t deserve to have it all, so he doesn’t.


7. Friends

Ross and Rachel end up together.

The Bings get twins and move to the suburbs.

You think meticulous-packer Monica would have remembered the frame on the door!


6. Harry Potter

They find all the horcruxes, including Harry. When the horcrux that is Harry is destroyed, Harry shows up in some weirdo limbo that looks like King’s Cross station. He meets up with Dumbledore (killed by Snape) who ambiguously describes what’s happening. In the end, he decides to come back to life and defeat Voldemort once and for all. The Elder wand is now his but he no want it.

A lot of people die.

Harry marries Ginny and they have a boy with an unfortunate name.

Ron and Hermione marry and have kids.


5. The Wizard of Oz

It’s all a dream. Lame.


4. Frozen

They use love to break the curse. How romantic.


3. The Odd Life of Timothy Green

All of Timothy’s leaves disappear, and so does he. It ends with the couple adopting another kid, probably not as perfect. 😀


2. Scream

Billy and Stu are the killers.


And the last spoiler:

1. Image




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